Thursday, February 21, 2019

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop on Russia-Collusion

OK, so the smoke signals say that the Mueller probe will not be coming out with a smoking gun that will put President Trump away for good. The latest I have heard is that Mueller will make a confidential report to the new Attorney General Barr and nothing to see here.

On the other hand, the Pelosi Democrats seem to want to be able to harass the president with House impeachment investigations all the way to the 2020 presidential elections.

So I am thinking about what President Trump and his White House are planning to do after the Special Prosecutor Mueller winds up his investigation. As they say, Trump is like a cobra: he always strikes back. But how?

Here is what strikes me. It has been pretty obvious now for weeks that 1) the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign in "collusion" with the Clinton campaign and 2) the DOJ and FBI conspired to gin up a pretext, first to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president, and second to sicc a Special Prosecutor on him to see what he could find.

I would think that the Donald Trump we know and love would want to raise the roof on all this. So why hasn't he?

I suspect that the reason is that he doesn't want to raise the roof until the Mueller report is in the can.

But it seems to me that the president has every reason to fight back against a monstrous abuse of federal government power.

For me, Trump would have two reasons to fight back. The first reason is a defensive reason, where Trump says to Our Nance that if you House Democrats want to spend the next two years investigating me then I am going to spend the next two years prosecuting Hillary Clinton -- oh and the various liars like Brennan and Clapper. The second reason is an offensive reason, where Trump spends a lot of time in the 2020 election campaign accusing Democrats and the Deep State of epic levels of corruption, therefore vote for Trump who is the only guy in the room willing to take on the slimy Deep State.

Notice that the defensive option would be private, a quiet word to Our Nance that it just isn't going to be a good idea to sicc her lefty idiots on the president. The offensive option would be public, but it wouldn't work to start on it now, because the media would wrap it in a blanket and refuse to report on it. Republicans only get their narrative out during an election campaign when they are using paid media to communicate with the American people. So the president would not want to start on his offensive campaign until next year.

I mean, the two scandals are perhaps the most egregious abuse of federal government power in my lifetime. Are we going to brush the whole thing under the rug? Are the American people not to be allowed to give their judgment on the whole thing?

Like I say. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on the 2016 election shenanigans.

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