Monday, February 25, 2019

Yes, Why Fake Hate Crimes?

Why so many fake hate crimes? I mean, really! Why go out and manufacture an incident of evil white crackers hating on a helpless person of color?

Jonah Goldberg makes the obvious point that real victims of hate, like Jews in Nazi Germany, aren't going to be faking hate crimes. Nor blacks in the Jim Crow South. Because that would be "incredibly stupid."

Actually, I think Jonah misses the point. If you are a Jew complaining about some local yokel brownshirt, what do you think is going to happen to you? You think the local Gauleiter is going to invite you in for a friendly Kaffee? Or if you are a black complaining about the local KKK Kleagle? Are you Krazy?

When there is real oppression, and real targeting of a marginalized group, you as an ordinary person are going to keep a low profile. The last thing you want to do is to draw attention to yourself. You hope that, by being invisible, the regime thugs will not notice you and you will get to live another day. Moreover, you will instinctively know that the most likely outcome of your fake hate crime will be to make things worse for your regime-targeted group. The regime may wish to make an example of you. Or, as Stalin's thugs used to tell people, you will disappear and no one will even know your name. That is how the world works when you are a genuine victim of regime-sponsored hate.

That is why the activist culture and its "peaceful protest" is also fake. In the modern West well-born activists are pampered and lionized by the regime and the regime media. Of course they are, because they are advancing the ruling-class's agenda. White nationalists, Brexiteers, and German AfD activists need not apply. They know they will be made to appear in the worst light.

That is the first problem with fake hate. The lefty fakers knows -- even if unconsciously -- that the local regime thugs are not going to descend on them when they go public with a fake incident. And they know, like Jussie Smollett, that the local police are going to put on their kid gloves and treat the fakery as genuine, because if they make a wrong step every lefty activist in town is going to jump all over them. Everybody knows that the worst thing in America is to brush off an accusation of hate by a Person of Color. Indeed, the lefty faker knows that, with a little bit of luck he may become a media darling and get sympathetically interviewed on TV. Every faker knows that, at least initially, he/she will get sympathetic treatment from government officials and media.

The second problem with fake hate is that discrimination against all the little darlings of the left -- racial, gender, and all the rest -- is actually illegal, and is vigorously enforced by government law enforcement. People are social animals; they know which actions are approved of by society and which actions are disapproved. Only really exceptional -- and really crazy -- people go up against the status quo and against regime power.

The third problem with fake hate is that there is no organized political faction that wants to undo the civil-rights revolution. This means that the overwhelming majority of people just go about their business and interact with other people according to established norms. They are just not going to be making trouble for themselves. Put it this way. There is no equivalent on the right of AntiFa, which is a genuine street-thug group and seems to be funded and supported by the usual left-wing establishment funders. If there were a right-wing version of AntiFa it would be roundly condemned by all respectable regime supporters and its funders would be expelled from polite society.

No, the fact that is staring us right in the face is that the civil-rights movement has succeeded beyond all imaginings, and there is literally nothing left for activists or for government to do. But every year brings up another crop of well-born activists that desperately yearn for a moral crusade and battlements of injustice to storm.

Hey, I know lefties. How about you start protesting the injustices of socialism, and all the failed government programs that hang around our necks? How about education reform that empowers parents rather than activists? How about health-care reform that de-cartelizes and de-credentializes the health care industry?

Somehow, all the activists of the world want to increase government power, with them at the controls, rather than decrease government power. What is with these people?

And what is with their willing dupes, that keep coming up with obviously fake hate crimes?

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  1. Because an average person (by the way, we are all mostly average) is gratified emotionally when recognized as exceptional. Fraudulent representation is the easiest way for a person of low character and average-or-less ability to be noticed. Insecure and gluttonous people are never exceptional enough. They seek more recognition and so engage in any attention-seeking behavior that will net attention. Any attention will do, negative or positive.

    Thus, in addition to all the considerations mentioned in this essay, being the fraudulent victim of a self-staged hate crime is emotionally and personally satisfying because it fulfills the greed for exceptionalism where, in fact, little or none exists.