Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Assorted Opinions and Maxims

Government is force.

Government is an armed minority, occupying territory, and taxing the inhabitants thereof to reward its supporters.

All government is unjust, because government leaders reward their supporters before the rest of the people.

The only warrant for government power is an existential peril.

What people want from government and political leaders is protection.

Politics is the art of division.

There is no such thing as justice, only injustice.

Social justice is not justice, it is vengeance.

Nietzsche: "the priests" teach us to hate ourselves. Me: the politicians teach us to hate others.

Great Reaction: Socialism is neo-slavery; the welfare state is neo-feudalism; identity politics is neo-tribalism; reparations is neo-vengeance; activism is neo-knight-errantry; helpless victims are neo-sacrifice, social justice is neo-plunder.

Crimes of the Left: Driving working class off the road to the middle class; misdirecting women in the public square; making war on middle class culture and values; taxing business and ordinary people and enslaving them to ruling-class crusades to save the world.

Trump is the idiot you get when the usual idiots have screwed up.

Politics is about getting things you shouldn't want.

Every society since the dawn of time, and especially ours, is drenched in religion.

Every human alive has a religion, that explains for him, and especially her, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

People that deny they have a religion are the most religious of all.

Four Laws: Socialism cannot work because it cannot compute prices (Mises). The administrative state cannot work because the Man in Washington does not have the bandwidth to run the economy. Regulation does not work because "regulatory capture" (Stigler). Government programs cannot work because you can never reform them (Chantrill).

Anyone that calls another a racist is a hater.

Anyone that calls another a hater is a racist/sexist etc.

Anyone who raises the subject of race is a racist. The one who talks about race the longest is the racist.

Men have a Culture of Insult, as in "what's yer problem, pal?"

Women have a Culture of Complaint, as in "I can't believe she said that!"

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