Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Left's Power of Silence

Here's a piece by a teacher in New York City's public schools that finally couldn't take it any more. As I understand it the problem is that the refusal of school officials to enforce discipline has led to a culture where the students passively resist any and all learning. They talk among themselves; they don't do homework; and they punish students that do want to learn. And the teachers are unable to do anything  about it.

Of course,  the Obama administration's policy of stigmatizing high discipline rates among minority students has a lot to do with this problem. Education bureaucrats found themselves under a mandate to reduce discipline numbers for minorities and so they did.

But where are our journalistic truth-seekers on this?

We see endless media about the sorrows of  poor LGBT sufferers but not a word about the collapse of marriage and work in the underclass. Remember, Charles Murray's Coming Apart noted merely that among white people the lowest 30 percent of men didn't work much and the women didn't marry much. Losing Ground was about white people because Charles Murray had been ritually humiliated by making the point in The Bell Curve that in a knowledge economy that rewards intelligence any racial groups with sub-par IQ was going to lose out. To write this was accounted the worst racism in the world. So in his next book Murray wrote about how white people below the salt were getting screwed. No racism here, no sir. Now the only people that talk about it are racist sexist homophobes like me.

Where are our journalistic truth-seekers on this?

We have had full-on interest that amounts to mob action in respect of a possible sexual assault by a teenager in connection with a Supreme Court nomination. But we do not see much passion in defenestrating Ralph Northram, Democratic Governor of Virginia and other Democratic state officials in Virginia.

Where are our journalistic truth-seekers on this?

The fact is that today's journalists follow along on the latest left-wing activist enthusiasm, and nothing else. We are seeing breathless coverage of Lefty's Green New Deal, which would basically put the United States on a war footing, with the entire economy drafted into the ruling class's war on fossil-fuel energy. You can see the effectiveness of the campaign. CampusReform sent a cameraman out to interview students about the Green New Deal. The kids were all in favor of the Green New Deal until they found out what was in it. So, in their day-to-day lives these youngsters had heard about the Green New Deal, but not what was in it.

Where are our journalistic truth-seekers on this?

It's a big problem. The only thing we get to hear about are the left's current enthusiasms, for racial justice, for gender justice, and environmental justice. We don't hear much, e.g., about how minimum wages hurt low-skilled minority youth.

But we don't hear a discouraging word about the cratered public schools.  We don't hear a peep about the cultural and economic wasteland of the underclass. And we don't hear a peep about corruption in the left-wing ruling class.

There is a perfectly simple reason for this. Our journalists are mostly left educated, and they basically go with the left agenda -- for instance the #WeBelieve agenda of race, environmental, gender, and immigrant rights. All other matters in the world are uninteresting or embarrassing, so the journalists don't cover them.

Most ordinary people -- including the educated classes -- don't encounter anything outside the day-to-day media. And they don't actually "read a book." Stacy McCain, who keeps an eye on LBGT madness so we don't have to, inadvertently scored a bulls-eye on this:
Incidentally, here’s something about me: I don’t watch YouTube videos. If you want to tell me something, write it. For any literate person, reading is far more efficient than listening to the spoken word. I am an extremely fast reader, and could fully comprehend the transcript of an entire 15-minute video in less than two minutes, and why should I waste that additional time? 
I agree. But the fact is that most people are more comfortable with the spoken word. They don't read books!

But, if people don't read books then all they know is what is pumped into their brains from various media. So if they are kids, they just know that the Green New Deal is a cool idea. They know that racism is the worst thing ever. They know whatever is being pumped out, courtesy of the various activists and publicists.

And whatever the left is not advocating about doesn't get discussed. Nobody even knows about it.

And that is a problem.

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