Monday, February 11, 2019

Donald Trump Pivots to "Father of His Country"

They say there are only two kinds of presidential elections. There is "Four More Years" and there is "Time for a Change." And that is all.

When you are fighting a Time for a Change election you are necessarily running as a heroic band of insurgents against a corrupt, cruel ruling class. You are admitting that you are an embattled minority, but by God, you have justice on your side!

It must be admitted that Donald Trump did a super job of winning a Time for a Change election in 2016 by sticking it to the ruling class, first in the Republican Party and then in the nation at large -- and living to tell the tale. I think that each of the two parts of this equation are just as important -- sticking it to the ruling class as well as living to tell the tale. If you can do both it implies a superhuman power or amazing luck or the special favor of the gods. All of these notions are very powerful and convincing to  humans. We like to follow people like that.

But now the president is running as the Four More Years guy, and that is completely different. Now he wants to make like he is the Father of his People, a Uniter not a Divider. He wants to make like he unites all Americans under his paternal aura and that it would be unthinkable for any brash upstart  to challenge him and the larger American community and sow dissension across the fruited plain.

So that is what all the stuff in the President's SOTU speech is all about. He is celebrating everyone, Jews from the Holocaust, blacks let out of jail, brave Hispanic servicemen. Even women! Getting more jobs than ever before! Because we are all Americans. We are all in it together. We all love our beautiful land and our beautiful people. Don't let anyone spoil it.

And then there is Borders and Babies.

Personally, I think that the Democrats are fools not to give the president his way on the Wall. It would be much better for them if The Wall and Defending Our Borders were not an issue any more. Why? Because the Number One job of government, any government from the village Big Man to the Nation State, is protecting The People by Defending the Borders. This is deep enough that it ought to be a Jungian archetype. It probably already is.

And Babies. One notable consequence of socialism and big government is women having less babies. My guess is that any political community that expects to endure is a political community that values babies very highly and that names and shames anyone that is deficient in the baby-making department. We all love babies; they embody our hope for the future. Of course, the modern swerve away from babies, including the sexual revolution, divorce, and abortion, is a trend that cannot long endure.

I explain the move away from babies in my Three Peoples theory by the notion that for People of the Creative Self meaning is created by the original creation in art, science, letters, business, politics. And not in the more primitive creation of babies, darling, like any common deplorable.

Yep. President Trump is in favor of Borders and Babies, and the Democratic Party is not. I think that this is a monumental divide that may result in President Trump getting the first 60-40 popular vote since Our Ronnie.

You know, Barack Obama could have done that as president, because everyone wanted to be part  of the First Black President. But Obama is a fool, his mind warped by lefty ideology, and so he threw away the opportunity for the Democrats to become America's party.

See, my idea is that you play identity politics when you are in the minority, by trying to hive away various races and genders from the great American community. Once elected, Obama, the fool, practiced identity politics when he could have strutted and fretted his hour upon the stage as the glorious and bountiful harvest of the civil rights era, the Great Uniter that represented everything good and great about America.

But lefties think that America was never great. Really? The nation that had a civil war to end slavery? That fought wars to conquer Nazism and Communism? That enacted civil rights for all Americans? That became the city on a hill that everyone wants to call home? The richest country in the world. That America was never great?

But what do I know?

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