Monday, February 18, 2019

NYC Amazon Fail Shows Divide in Democratic Party

Amazon's recent decision not to build an office in New York City illustrates the fundamental divide in  the Democratic Party.

There is the old feudal wing, -- represented by  Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and Mayor Bill di Blasio (D) -- where the feudal lords look after their serfs by bringing home the bacon, what used to be called Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Then there is the priestly wing -- represented by the saintly Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) -- which is on a divine quest to bend the arc of history towards justice by propitiating the progressive gods, that is to say by activism and the peaceful protest. For her, Amazon is the incarnation of the Foul Fiend.

Of course, for a chap like me, both approaches are rubbish. The taxes and regulations in a great  metropolis should not be so high that the politicians have to sweeten the pot with tax abatements and subsidies. Still, I understand that politics it is all about the hustle. Making politics into a religion is of course a recipe for disaster and 100 million deaths, because moral questions are not negotiable like economic questions. But I get that politics and religion have mixed it up forever.

Still, it is comforting for me that the Democrats are divided like this, between the feudal wing and the priestly wing. It creates a space in the middle where deplorables can roam.

To me, the feudal barons are playing a zero-sum game of privilege and tribute. Play the game with us, they tell Big Business, and we will protect you from the mob. Vote for us, they tell their subordinate voters, and we will deliver the Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Only, of course, the magic of capitalism is its constant churning, its creative destruction. So the idea that the feudal lords are providing jobs, jobs, jobs, rather than the robber barons is baloney. What is needed is the next generation of business startups to great new industries by innovation that will lead in time to jobs, jobs, jobs, for the feudal retainers.

The activist priests, on the other hand, are worse. Really, we should consider the priestly SJWs as a kind of death cult -- 100 million dead, don't forget -- that are leading their peaceful protesters to economic Armageddon. As Stalin, Mao once did, and now Maduro is doing. But, of course, the college-educated whites that are devotees of the progressive left are not worrying about economic issues like the feudal retainers that respond to the old cry of jobs, jobs, jobs. They are educated and expect that the world will always provide for them; they do not experience life as a existential struggle to put food on the table.

History doesn't repeat itself, they say, but it rhymes. The last lefty enthusiasm here in the United States was  the Sixties, when the radical Baby Boomer children of liberal parents thought they were going to fundamentally transform America. Only the American people elected Richard Nixon, to the disbelief of the special people.

The solution to the monstrosity of the Nixon presidency was, of course, impeachment on a phoney-baloney pretext that persuaded the Goldwaters and the Scotts of the 1974 US Senate to drive down Pennsylvania Avenue and tell Richard Nixon that he had to go. But I don't think that the old game is going to work this time. Just saying.

If history rhymes again we will see Donald Trump reelected and the usual suspects desolated  by another epidemic of Post Election Stress Disorder.

Strange, isn't it, that an epidemic of PESD only occurs after a Democratic loss. Why is that?

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