Friday, February 1, 2019

Let's Apply Three Peoples to This Week's Issues

Yesterday I triumphantly showed why my reductive Three Peoples theory is a triumph of humanity, because it understands that all kinds of different people need to be accommodated in this world so that "we can all get along."

By contrast, I showed that the Left's Three Peoples theory is a recipe for conflict, because it reduces Good vs. Evil to a caricature of noble activists vs. evil deplorables -- with the noble activists wanting to help the helpless victims of the world, and the evil deplorables wanting to oppress and marginalize said helpless victims.

Why should this be?

It all makes sense if we understand the Left as a secular religion that wants to save the world by bending the arc of history towards justice. This means that our lefty friends have not got Beyond Good and Evil as Nietzsche proposed. The clue is clueless Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) calling border walls "immoral."

Now, in Beyond Good and Evil our pal Fritzi made a big deal about "the priests" teaching us to hate ourselves. We had to get beyond the self-destructive culture of blaming ourselves for all the problems of the world if we were going to become amazing Zarathustras thinking deep thoughts at the top of the mountain.

Actually, I think that Nietzsche didn't quite get "the priests" right. What they were saying, from the Axial Age on, is that we all had to get right with God if wanted to transcend the sins of the world. And then we would be saved. But those that didn't listen to "the priests" and the Word of God that the priests preached would go to Hell.

Now, tell me the difference between "the priests" of old and "the priests" of today preaching salvation by social justice -- and if you don't believe in the Word of the Left then you will lose your job, won't get your book published, and certainly will not be allowed to teach at the nation's schools and universities?

The joke is that the enlightened have been teaching us for two hundred years that we must never go back to the bad old days of the wars of religion when people were burned at the stake for the crime of heresy.

Hey, it's only been a hundred years in which the world has seen political regimes that make the autos-da-fé of the Spanish Inquisition look like a walk in the park. One hundred million dead at the hands of the left's murderous regimes, and that says nothing about the lives merely brutalized and ruined by the all those lefty thug regimes from Lenin to Maduro.

Anyway, a while back a bunch of white supremacists said: I know! Let's reduce the power of government and religion to get together and teach the government rebels and the religious heretics a lesson. Let's forbid a state religion, and any condominium between government and religion!

I know: they should make a movie: Crazy Rich Founders.

Egad! What a crazy idea! Why, in a regime like that who will be teaching the racist sexist homophobes a lesson? What kind of a world would it be in which free range bigots were running around without the proper correction from the righteous Twitter enforcers?

I am trying to say that our lefty friends have recreated with their own three peoples theory -- featuring creative activists, evil deplorables, and helpless victims -- the old regime of the Axial Age and its various priestly religions. There is only One God, and his Word, as interpreted by his priests, is final.

In the political regime set up by our Founders an attempt was made to introduce the notion of tolerance, in which it was understood that people have all kinds of different beliefs, and that people ought to live almost side-by-side with the Other. Questions of life and death would be decided by government; questions of social cooperation would be decided by the gentler give and take of  interpersonal cooperation.

And, of course, my Three Peoples theory recognizes, as a first principle, that each of the Three Peoples is really different, and not likely to agree on a lot of things, some of them  pretty central and important to the question of how do we all get along.

So what about the Covington Kids at the March for Life. Our lefty friends say that it is monstrous that a white supremacist teenager wearing a MAGA hat should smirk at a Native American mostly peaceful protester, because "hate." I would say that anyone in America can smirk at anyone else. Period.

So what about the Democratic presidential candidates coming up with Medicare For All and wealth taxes and higher marginal income taxes and Green New Deals? Do you see that all of these ideas are monolithic one-size-fits-all notions where you will sign onto the official line and there is no opting out? That is the basic point of big government. There will be one size fits all; there will be no exceptions. And you will be forced to pay for it. I  think that we have a word for this kind of thing: injustice.

So what about abortion, in which New York State just legislated that any woman can abort a fetus up to and after natural birth? I think that abortion is a terrible mistake for any woman to make, because what is the point of a woman but to bear and rear children? And for a man I would say that telling a woman to "get rid of it" is utterly despicable, because what is the point of a man if he does not protect and support the mother of his baby?

See, in the old way, the Age of Good and Evil, there can, indeed, be Only One Way. That was so during the Wars of Religion, and it is so in the left-inspired socialist and welfare-state regimes across the world.

In my way, founded on the understanding of my reductive Three Peoples theory, we understand that there cannot be Only One Way, because, for a start,  there are Three kinds of People in the world.

We say that it is one thing to decry racism, but another to insist that everyone toes the liberal line on race, or else.

We say that helping the poor and the aged with e.g., health care, is a good and proper thing, but making health care into a single comprehensive and mandatory program of government force is another thing.

We say that swingeing taxes -- except in wartime -- whether to teach the rich a lesson, or to save the planet from global warming, are an abomination.

We say that abortion at full term is a monstrosity, whereas abortion before viability is merely shameful.

One of the big differences between government and religion is that government operates by force, but religion -- when not a state religion -- operates by naming and shaming.

So when you separate government and religion you can get the government to focus on evils for which overwhelming force is the only option -- such as arresting a 66-year-old Russian colluder with the full force of the FBIs and the their SWAT teams.

And we can get religion to focus on things that are merely shameful, such as smirking at people trying  to get you all riled up. And if everyone's religion is a private community without access to the coercive powers of the state then people that are merely shameful still get to live, and however riled up people get about the sinner next door there is no chance that they are going to be able to get the FBIs and their SWAT teams to wake that sinful neighbor up one winter morning.

Unfortunately, every religion that I ever heard of finds it very difficult to avoid the temptation of what liberals used to call "legislating morality" and forcing the other guys to bow to our gods.

What is needed is for everyone to believe in my Three Peoples theory that proposes, as a basic principle, that there are three kinds of people in the world, that they experience the world differently, and they want and need different things to successfully wive and thrive, and that this is perfectly natural and physical.

And that if we all  accepted this we could all live together and live happily ever after.

Of course, there is the problem of people that have not yet accepted the saving truth of my reductive Three Peoples theory. As of right now, I do not have a solution to that problem.

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