Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Inevitability of Identity Politics

Steve Sailer explains our Democratic friends as the Coalition of the Fringes. Or the Margins. It is really simple. As I say, politics is division, between Us and Them. We know who We are, so the only question is to decide who They are. Now, imagine that you have constructed a Coalition of the Fringes, of blacks, women, LGTBs, Jews, and Muslims. OK, fine we know who We are. What about They?
While our society’s growing hate hysteria against straight white men may seem a bit demented, it is actually a logical requirement of the fundamental strategy of the Democratic Party: to mobilize a Coalition of the Margins comprising identity groups—such as blacks, transgenders, Muslims, and Jews—who don’t have much to unite them other than their resentment of old-fashioned Americans.
As they say, this isn't rocket science. Tribal politics is as old as the hills, and it has a very good and ancient purpose, to unit Our People to defend Our Food-giving Land.

As I keep writing, all this ancient tribal instinct and wisdom was swept away by the industrial revolution that made the "patch of land" sneered at in Fabian Essays in Socialism as the horrid forerunner of today's awful property system into an afterthought.

It's an odd thing to ponder. The origin of our modern property fetish was the survival importance of land, and yet now, when food-growing land is no longer a matter of life and death, we have planted its seed and grown a whole tree of property rights and culture to take its place.

In the old days of the "patch of land" there was a simple division between Us and Them. Us is the tribe of people occupying our patch of land. Them is the tribe next door that might challenge Us for possession of the patch of land. Them was the people We might have to fight to hold onto Our patch of land and its life-giving food.

But didn't the We ever descend into fratricidal conflict? No doubt We did, but as the anthropologists point out, We have hierarchy to discourage the war of all against all. In the old days, society was clearly defined by its order of rank, and so internal conflict was kept to a necessary minimum. It had to be if the society was to preserve its strength to defend its patch of land from the dangerous Them next door.

The thing is that now, with the old order of rank demolished in favor of equality, the social hierarchy is much more uncertain; it makes sense that more people than before would be tempted to challenge the hierarchical status quo to find out where they really stood in the hierarchy and how they might rise through a little strategic conflict.

And there is another thing. If the old conflicts over the patch of land are no longer, would not humans maintain their old instinct to defend themselves and their kind from existential peril, and negotiate their place in the hierarchy in a new way?

This is how I am starting to try to understand identity politics. It just makes sense that if the old order of rank has broken down with the modern notion of equality then people will renegotiate hierarchy in a new way.

When you think about identity politics the question of the Jews comes up immediately, because Jews have, down the centuries, tended to maintain themselves as a separate religious and tribal entity even while living as minorities all over the world. Think about it. Jews have managed to survive as a cultural and religious identity even though they have not had their own state since Roman times.

How do you do that?

We tend to view the Jewish question through the lens of anti-semitism, in the way we have been carefully taught, as a scandal of hate and fear. But I think we should realize that it makes complete sense that a nation or other political entity would turn on an identifiable minority in a time of crisis. In a crisis you need unity, and the way you get unity is by defining and mobilizing people against an enemy.  An  internal enemy is  very convenient because you don't have to go to war with them as  you often do with an external enemy. At the other pole, it makes complete sense that a minority group would maintain its identity and unity with a culture of siege, that the whole world is ganging up on it.

That is what our liberal friends do to mobilize their Coalition of the Fringes for political warfare. They mobilize their folks by whipping up anti-white-male-ism. Each member of the Coalition of the Fringes is encouraged to believe that any moment the whole white-male patriarchy might descend on them.

Of course, for the moment our liberal friends maintain their anti-white-male-ism culture by making it a vile hate-crime for any white male to object to his ghettoization and fount of all evil. This is immensely cunning, since it makes it almost impossible for any white male to object. And this is similar to the Jews and anti-semitism. It is extremely effective to marginalize anyone that criticizes Jews as a vile anti-semite until the moment that it doesn't work anymore.

Put it this way. Once you have demolished the old feudal order of ranks and substituted the current political culture of identity politics then you are living in a world where everyone is taught to be terrified that if the Other Guys ever get power then it is "curtains" for Us and people like us.

Hey! That explains the #Resistance against President Trump. Our liberal friends have been taught to hate and to fear everything about the racist sexist homophobe deplorables who were, every one of them, poised to descend on the helpless victims of the Coalition of the Fringes as soon as they got the  dog whistle from their racist sexist homophobic leaders. So of course, when Donald Trump won the  election our liberal friends panicked!

I  suppose you could say that the old feudal order of ranks has been replaced by an economic order  of ranks. In the market economy you are ranked by your net worth as a measure of your value to other market participants. No doubt that explains why our lefty friends have made such a point over the last 150 years of attacking any notion that the verdict of the market is right and just. The whole point of the left is to contest the current order of ranks as injustice, and to keep their Coalition of the Fringes in fear and trembling. The left wishes, through a battle of the identities, to renegotiate the social and economic hierarchy.

Remember in the good old  days when our liberal friends castigated us for our inordinate fear of Communism?

All good clean fun, but I worry about the day when those notorious white males no longer agree to carry the sins of the world on their shoulders.

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