Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tribalism - Table of Contents

Thoughts About Tribalism, Real and Fake

1. Tribe vs. City: Which Will Win?
Tribe says you can't trust "them." City says you can trust and thrive

2. We Have Nationalism Because Humans are Tribal
And so every nation state has its national tribal myth

3. But First, Humans are Tribal
Man is not a rational actor, but a social animal

4. Wat? Patriotism vs. Nationalism
Patriotism or Nationalism, it's still a "fake tribe"

5. The Pure Theory of Tribalism
The tribe is the way that humans unite against external threats and dangers

6. And Of Course Tribes are Sexist
Tribesmen say Kill the Stranger; Tribeswomen say Keep Our Kids Safe.

7. Tribalism in the Agricultural Age
Developing the cult of the king and his people

8. Where Does Tribalism Come From?
Humans are tribal; you can rally them into any sort of tribal group

9. If You Believe in Politics You Believe in Tribalism
Politics is about rallying people to face an existential peril. Just like tribalism

10. Pick Your Tribalism: Nationalism vs. What?
Nationalism, Globalism, or Identity Politics

11. The Question is: What Us and Them Works For Us?
Science says that people in a group will always identify with their group

12. Most Voters are Tribal
And the tribiest tribe in America is the progressive tribe

13. The Internal Contradictions of Our Rulers Political Faith
Why identity politics and supranationalism do not work

14. Why the Jews Take the Cake on Nationalism
They created Israel out of whole cloth.

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