Thursday, April 18, 2019

Little Darlings - Table of Contents

Little Darlings of the Ruling Class

Table of Contents

1. The Dance of the Three Peoples
Some of the subordinates get to be Little Darlings.

2. The Cruel Fate of the Ruling Class's "Little Darlings"
Eventually the ruling class casts them aside like an ageing lover.

3. Real Critical Theory: How About a Critique of Leftism?
Little darlings always end up in the garbage can of history.

4. The Plague of Fake Politics
When rich kids advocate for poor kids, watch out.

5. When a Lefty Comes to Visit
How to tell him that his Little Darlings would do fine without him.

6. One of These Victim Groups is Not Like The Others
But which one? Oh, of course: the deplorable white working class.

7. The Power of Nostaglia
Don't get all nostalgic for the Good Old Days. The nostalgia could kill you.

8. The Trouble is That Yellow Vests are Already Toast

9. Why I Think Jordan Peterson is Important
He says what I say, only better.

10. To What Do the Three Peoples Subordinate Themselves?
To earthly gods, to divine gods, and the creative process.

11. The Knotty Problem at the Center of Western Politics
How does the ruling class keep its old little darlings happy while romancing the new ones?

12. The Elite's Religion: We are Holier than Thou Because We Care About the Victims

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