Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Women in the Public Square - Table of Contents

Women in the Public Square: What does a "feminine sensibility" mean?

Mostly the emotional reaction of liberal women

2. The Reign of Liberal Injustice
Liberals actually believe in creating injustice to fix past injustice

3. Are Women the Big Problem?
They sure know how to stick in the knife

4. Or Is It Just Well-to-do Women That are the Problem?
Because they can schuck off the real work to underlings

5. The Question of Women in the Public Square
How about designing institutions to prevent women from abusing power?

6. That James Damore Guy
He just doesn't belong in the feminine culture at Google

7. What is this "Our," Kemosabe
Liberals always want to put "our" in front of things

8. Protection in an Age of "Feminine Sensibility"
Even when women are not in a male-headed household they expect to be protected

9. Ancient Myth and My Three Peoples Theory
Can Three Peoples be meshed with Great Mother, Great Father, and the Son?

Leftism raises the status of the marginalized and lowers the status of the previously privileged

10. Dealing with Activism's "Affect" of the Week
Humans act on affect. And how.

11. Our Big Woman Problem Again
The public square entails risk; the private sphere is all about safety
With #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen we are reversing the sexual revolution

13. A Public Square with a "More Feminine Sensibility"
Without the male culture of insult? Hmm.

14. The Transformations of Modern Life, For Men and For Women
Men: from war to sports and careers. Women: from marriage and children to careers?

15. Melinda Gates Validates My Theory of the Sexes
Melinda Gates hated that the men argued so much. So she "civilized" Microsoft

16. Abortion: Career is Not The Meaning of Life
But the assumption is that abortion is about a woman "risking her future"

17. The Question of Women in the Public Square
Do women really want to live in the public square, or rule world through their husbands?

18. Let's Check Out the Woman Question
Maybe women will end up returning to wiving and thriving

But women are already re-domesticating themselves

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