Friday, November 9, 2018

The Great Reaction - Table of Contents

The Great Reaction: The Left's Fight Against the Double Revolution of Physics and Market

Table of  Contents

1. Communism Week: The Real Revolution of the Modern Age
Two revolutions, in physics and the economy

2. The Counterrevolutions of the Modern Age
Communism-socialism and environmentalism for a start

3. The Two Heads of the Forces of Lefty Reaction
"Activism" and neo-feudalism, for a start

4. The Two Heads of Reaction: How Do We Deal With Them
Against neo-tribalism of identity politics the nation state; against neo-feudalism the corporation

5. The Great Reaction Also Includes Neo-Sacrifice
Neo-sacrifice is what totalitarianism is all about

6. Great Reaction: Plus Neo-Guilt
we are talking about guilt for white privilege and the patriarchy

7. Great  Reaction:  The Left's Neo-Tyranny
The tyranny of political force is needed to create the left's better world

8. The Grand Narrative of the Postmodernists
And a grand narrative to oppose their grand narrative

9. Whither the Culture War Now?
We need warriors saying the world is more than masters and slaves, or activists and victims.

10. The Power of Nostaglia
People get all nostalgic when the old order is already breaking up

11. Great Reaction: The Story So Far
A recitation of all the Neo-isms

12. Great Reaction: Slavery and Scapegoating
The left takes us back to the slavery of the agricultural age and the scapegoating of the tribe.

13. What Will it Take to End the Progressive "Great Reaction?"
When educated-class white women realize they have been had.

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