Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Great Reaction - Table of Contents

The Great Reaction: The Left's Fight Against the Double Revolution of Physics and Market

0. Great Reaction in Brief

1. The Paradox that Progressives are the Real Reactionaries
Socialism liberated the masses into the most oppressive regimes in history

2. Communism Week: The Real Revolution of the Modern Age
Two revolutions, in physics and the economy

3. All Politics is Reactionary
But we got the most amazing Great Enrichment in history

4. The Counterrevolutions of the Modern Age
Communism-socialism and environmentalism for a start 

5. The Two Heads of the Forces of Lefty Reaction
"Activism" and neo-feudalism, for a start

6. The Two Heads of Reaction: How Do We Deal With Them
Against neo-tribalism of identity politics the nation state; against neo-feudalism the corporation

7. The Great Reaction Also Includes Neo-Sacrifice
Where I coin the notion of the "Great Reaction"

8. Great Reaction: Plus Neo-Guilt
we are talking about guilt for white privilege and the patriarchy

9. Great  Reaction:  The Left's Neo-Tyranny
The tyranny of political force is needed to create the left's better world

10. The Grand Narrative of the Postmodernists
And a grand narrative to oppose their grand narrative

19. But First, Humans are Tribal
The capitalist/libertarian world view is not enough, because humans are tribal

11. Whither the Culture War Now?
We need warriors saying the world is more than masters and slaves, or activists and victims.

11. The Fault, dear Liberals, is in Your Religion
We don't need no stinkin' religion of "activism"

12. The Power of Nostaglia
People get all nostalgic when the old order is already breaking up

13. Great Reaction: The Story So Far
A recitation of all the Neo-isms

14. Great Reaction: Slavery and Scapegoating
The left takes us back to the slavery of the agricultural age and the scapegoating of the tribe.

15. What Will it Take to End the Progressive "Great Reaction?"
When educated-class white women realize they have been had.

16. Egalitarianism is Neo-Meat-Sharing
Modern wealth is shared every day, so no need for taboos against hoarding.

17. Now the Psychologists Come Out Against Traditional Masculinity
Creatives have no tolerance for Responsibles

18. The Left's Religion of Political Power
It's the old way of protecting yourself, before the Industrial Revolution.

19. Where Do We Go From Here?
Our elites have lost the Mandate of Heaven, so can we avoid a Time of Troubles?

20. We Must Bring the Past Back to Life
Because our lefty friends have murdered it

21. Great Reaction: Activism is Neo-Knight-Errantry
What else do you call riding around in search of helpless victims to save?

22. Great Reaction: Reparations is Neo-Vengeance
Turning back the clock from law to the lex-talionis

23. It is Too Soon for a "Dissident Right"
First we need to get the left on the back foot and gasping for air.

24. Poor China: It is Stuck Playing Yesterday's Game
It needs to trade the warrior's sword for the sportman's trophy

25. Government and Politics: Force and Division
Force is needed to battle an existential peril, not day-to-day healthcare

26. Understanding Tlaib: The Culture of Innocence
It's needed for a truly oppressed minority. But the Muslims in Detroit?

27. Accepting the Fact of Exile in America's Jacobin Terror
We have to "develop an independent set of religious and social beliefs"

28. Gut Check Time for the Educated Ruling Class
Whatever the future, the educated ruling class ain't gonna like it

29. Comte's Three Stages vs. My Three Peoples
Mine is better

30. We Need Better Beliefs, Says ZMan
But first we need to make politics less lethal

31. Think of Activists as "Activistes"
Because like an "artiste" an activist is a public performer

32. Two Centuries of the Great Reaction
It's not surprising that in the autumn of political power some still worship it

33. Is the Left to Blame for All the Hate?
If you believe in politics, like the left, you believe in "hate"

34. Could Chile's Collapse Happen Here?
It could, except we Commoners have Donald Trump in our lane

35. Stop Moralizing About Race, Slavery, Empire
Because we dumped slavery etc, because they do not pay

36. Our Elite's Crimes Against Humanity
Its solutions for workers, blacks, women and LGBTs were the wrong solutions

37. Three Peoples: What Happens When It All Goes Wrong?
Depends on whether you are subordinate, responsible, or creative

38. Suppose We Are Approaching the End of the Age of Politics
and a future that nobody has a clue about

39. Don't Panic! I Say Bring Bernie On!
Let's face the socialist menace head on

40. Splaining the Democrats for Deplorables Like You and Me
Free-stuff in the front, Coalition of the Fringes to the back of the bus

41. Great Reaction: The Left's Neo-Knight Errantry
Activism as a "romance" just like the medieval romances

42. Understanding the Left's Secular Religion
Lefties believe in combining science with political force

43. Great Reaction: Vengeance in the 1400s
How the feudal vengeance culture is very like our lefty activist culture

44. Getting Beyond Binary Thinking
Gentry won't go there until their project has utterly failed

45. On China: "Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Asians"
Because we don't want the CCP to choose war

46. The Sacrificial Hero Ancient and Modern
How do we "save" the Gentry hero from egoism?

Experts are domesticated prophets. And other domestications

There has to be a plan

49. Riots and Mayhem: Be of Good Cheer
It's a liberal "failure of prophecy, and Nietzsche, Brinton, and Ken Wilber have written

But that's the old way, before the city and capialism

Victimhood, Demonization, Cause to Believe In, Lies

Did you know that a policeless society is also a patriarchal society?

The importance of the "culture of innocence" in left-wing politics

But regime thugs doing what they have been carefully taught

When you force your creative project on the rest of mankind


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