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Three Peoples - Table of Contents

The Three Peoples, a Reductive Theory of Modern Humanity

0. Three Peoples in Brief

1. The Dance of the "Three Peoples"
Three kinds of people: subordinate, responsible, and creative

2. The Three Peoples: What If Most People Want to be Peasants?
Are we slaves, or do we just get on with it?

3. What Gods Do the Three Peoples Believe In?
We each worship a different God.

4. Finding Yourself "Outside the System"
As a Responsible, you are outside the culture of the Creatives

5. Let's Talk About Dystopian Novels
Trying to make sense of dystopian novels written by today's women

6. Is it the Sixties Again?
Think of it as a religious Creative Awakening. Again

7. The Prehistory of the Three Peoples
What of the world before the Three Peoples?

8. There is a Reason Why the Left is Always Attacking Middle-Class Values
It's because the left appeals to people that aren't responsible or don't have backup

9. Religion and the Three Peoples: The Big Problem
Creatives don't have tolerance for responsibles

10. Tribe vs. City: Which Will Win?
The city will win, because of its self-ordering ability

11. Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Revolution and the Three Peoples
Analyzing sexual aggression with the Three Peoples theory

12. The Three Peoples Theory and Work
How each of the Three Peoples experiences work

13. The Politics of the Three Peoples
Obviously, they want different things from politics

14. Politics of the Three Peoples: The Trump Gambit
How Trump threatens the coalition between creatives and subordinates

15. Real Critical Theory: How About a Critique of Leftism?
Let's do critical theory on the left using Three Peoples theory

16. SOTU: Trump Celebrates Middle America
But not a word to the educated elite.

17. Ancient Myth and My Three Peoples Theory
Can Three Peoples be meshed with Great Mother, Great Father, and the Son?

18. The Three Forms of Social Control
Informal, formal, and indirect

19. But First, Humans are Tribal
The capitalist/libertarian world view is not enough, because humans are tribal

20. The Alt-Right Takes Out After Jordan Peterson
Peterson isn't defending the Christian culture and the nation state

21. Peterson and Jung and Nietzsche, Oh My!
Can the three peoples make sense of modern psychology?

22. Whither the Culture War Now?
Tell the left to stop beating up on the middle class.

23. On Failing to Rewrite my "Three Peoples" in the Light of Lefty "Privilege" Notions
Leftism raises the status of the marginalized and lowers the status of the previously privileged

24. At Jordan Peterson's Road Show
We all see the world through the lens of our values

25. Meaning and the Three Peoples
The different meanings of meaning.

26. What Comes After Conservatism
Try to understand what each of the Three Peoples needs

27. The Two Paths: for Rich Kids After the Death of God
Either the nostalgia of "activism" or the real path of self-discovery

28. The Dilemma of the Well-born Human
How to rise above the herd.

29. Tribalism: The Empty Middle
Between Progressive Activists and Devoted Conservatives

30. The Three Peoples and Power
How the Three Peoples in different ways understand and interact with power.

31. No Critical Theorists, Creativity is not the Only Thing
Creativity is built on top of bourgeois responsibility, not in opposition to it.

32. The Trouble is that Yellow Vests are Already Toast
Because they are underlings

33. Why I Think Jordan Peterson is Important
He is saying what I am saying, only better.

34. Let Us Imagine a New Culture
It will be a brave new world of cults

35. Now the Psychologists Come Out Against Traditional Masculinity
My Three Peoples theory is not as reductive as lefty psychologists.

36. To What Do the Three Peoples Subordinate Themselves?
To Earthly lord, divine Lord, and the creative process.

37. Why Don't We Normals Have Anti-Left Pejoratives?
It would be nice, but it's not who we are.

38. My Three Peoples vs. the Left's Three Peoples
Lefties turn the Three Peoples upside down.

39. Let's Apply Three Peoples to This Week's Issues
Such as Covington Kids and Medicare For All

40. Three Peoples: There is No One True Faith
Because the People of the Creative Self should be tolerant

41. Government: Is Plunder All There Is?
The poverty of a regime that is only interested in power

42. The Problem of Creative People and Power
Too many people want to get the creative rush from political power.

43. We Must Bring the Past Back to Life
Because our lefty friends have murdered it

44. Free Spirit vs. Fettered Spirit
Updating Nietzsche's notion for the 21st century

45. Searching for a New Religion: Leftism, Feminism, Wokeness, etc.
Yes, but don't think that We should impose our new religion on others

46. The Elite's Religion: We are Holier Than Thou because We Care about the Victims
But does the elite understand this?

47. It's Too Soon for a "Dissident Right"
First we need to get the left on the back foot and gasping for air.

48. What the Three Peoples Should Reach For
Subordinates for responsibility; responsibles for creativity; creatives for humility

49. Lefties: Getting the Hero's Journey Upside Down
Where the lefties get to the Promised Land and the deplorables get sacrificed

50. What the Three Peoples Want From Society
Hey, they want society to make them meaningful

51. Reich: Three Consciousnesses is Not Enough
"Greening of America" guy leaves out the consciousness of the subordinates

52. Is There a Difference Between Ethnic Politics and Identity Politics?
Ethnic politics is the politics of new arrivals in the city. Identity politics is an intellectual system

53. Innocence and the Three Peoples
Only the Subordinates are real innocents

54. David Koch was a Good Guy
When the Kochs inherited Dad's business it was in trouble. Now it's worth billions.

55. Trying to Put Multiculturalism on the Stage
When you are "creative" the easiest thing is to be creative about sex

56. Dems That Believe The Talking Points
The leaders don't but the primary voters do. Believe

57. Accepting the Fact of Exile in America's Jacobin Terror
We have to "develop an independent set of religious and social beliefs"

58. Comte's Three Stages vs. My Three Peoples
Mine is better

59. Our Ruling Class Does Too Have Religion. And How
It believes in equality, education, climate change, by the creative/educated

60. Men Want Victory, Women Want Beauty
Is beauty a release from busy-ness?

61. Why The Enthusiastic Trump Rally Crowds
Because they think he is fighting for them

62. Applying Yarvin's Gentry, Commoners, Clients to Murray's "Coming Apart"
And other three class theories of society

63. My Three Peoples vs. Yarvin's Three Layers
My Creatives, Responsibles, Subordinates vs. his Gentry, Commoners, and Clients

64. "Why Liberalism Works" For the Gentry
But not necessarily for Commoners and Clients

65. Could Chile's Collapse Happen Here?
It could, except we Commoners have Donald Trump in our lane

66. Liberals with Nowhere to Go
We should not be creating the future but adapting to it

67. When the Ruling Class Decrees Only One True Religion
Trouble is that it might all end in religious war

68. Three Peoples: What Happens When It All Goes Wrong
Depends on whether you are subordinate, responsible, or creative

69. Scott Alexander's Two Tribe System vs. My Three Peoples
He's missing the Victims Tribe

70. Why is Everyone Going Crazy?
Because the progressive project is splitting at the seams

71. Cloud People vs. Dirt People is Three Layer Too
But they forgot about the lower layer below Dirt People

72. What is Best in Life for Children of the Privileged?
They want to be special, but not put in the elbow grease

73. Understanding the Left's Secular Religion
The problem is its faith in force

74. The Problem With Two-Layer Cultural Analysis
Often the third item is not a cultural actor

75. Meaning of Life: Let Me Count the Ways
Depends on your class, or your dreams

76. Getting Beyond Binary Thinking
Gentry won't go there until their project has utterly failed

77. Three Layers, Three Peoples, Three Religions
Political theory, cultural theory, religious theory, three times three

78. The Creatives Attack Dignity. Of Course They Do
Because dignity is a Responsibles thing

79. Habermas's Lifeworld and My Three Peoples
If humans have a lifeworld, then each Three People has a different one

80. The Meaning of Life and the Gods of the Three Peoples
Each of the Three Peoples has a different meaning of life

81. The Rule of Threes. It's a Human Thing
Past, present, and future; grammar, logic, and rhetoric

82. Creatives that Aren't Creatives: Stuck-up Commoners
Because most people don't have the stomach to be Sacrificial Heroes

83. Elon Musk Schools the Karens
It's a gender -- and a class -- thing

84. The Sacrificial Hero Ancient and Modern
How do we "save" the Gentry hero from egoism?

Lefties don't think that the point of life is to get to work

Fault, rules, and " state function"

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  1. Followed you link from American Thinker (February 26, 2019
    When a Lefty Declared the Death of Narrative).
    Have read first two chapters of your 'Manifesto.' The first, The Dance..., stretched my brain tissue, the second actually clarified the first, at least for myself. I am looking forward to the rest of you offering, so far, really good stuff, thanks.