Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Three Peoples: Table of Contents

The Three Peoples, a Reductive Theory of Modern Humanity

Table of Contents:

1. The Dance of the "Three Peoples"
Three kinds of people: subordinate, responsible, and creative

2. The Three Peoples: What If Most People Want to be Peasants?
Are we slaves, or do we just get on with it?

3. What Gods Do the Three Peoples Believe In?
We each worship a different God.

4. The Prehistory of the Three Peoples
What of the world before the Three Peoples?

5. Religion and the Three Peoples: The Big Problem
Creatives don't have tolerance for responsibles

6. Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Revolution and the Three Peoples
Analyzing sexual aggression with the Three Peoples theory

7. The Three Peoples Theory and Work
How each of the Three Peoples experiences work

8. The Politics of the Three Peoples
Obviously, they want different things from politics

9. Politics of the Three Peoples: The Trump Gambit
How Trump threatens the coalition between creatives and subordinates

10. Real Critical Theory: How About a Critique of Leftism?
Let's do critical theory on the left using Three Peoples theory

11. Ancient Myth and My Three Peoples Theory
Can Three Peoples be meshed with Great Mother, Great Father, and the Son?

12. Peterson and Jung and Nietzsche, Oh My!
Can the three peoples make sense of modern psychology?

13. Whither the Culture War Now?
Tell the left to stop beating up on the middle class.

14. Meaning and the Three Peoples
The different meanings of meaning.

15. The Dilemma of the Well-born Human
How to rise above the herd.

16. The Three Peoples and Power
How the Three Peoples in different ways understand and interact with power.

17. No Critical Theorists, Creativity is not the Only Thing
Creativity is built on top of bourgeois responsibility, not in opposition to it.

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