Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My Pure Theory of Politics - Table of Contents

My Pure Theory of Politics

1. Out in the Woods: America's Big Problem is Liberals
Because you are not allowed to dissent from the liberal line

2. How to Unify America and the West
It will probably be a war against Islam

3. My Solution is Language Nationalism
One language, one culture, one nation

4. So-called Protest is Really War
Because the left is all about power

5. The Problem with Politics
It never knows when to stop

6. The Wages of Politics
What is the point of politics with a middle class not that interested in power

7. Things That Liberals Are Getting Wrong
Administrative State, culture war, equality, conceding elections

8. The Fault, dear Liberals, is in Your Religion
We don't need no stinkin' religion of "activism"

9. When Your Faith is in Force
You don't get to "promote everyone's needs" except with markets

10. The Three Ages of Trust
Tribal trust, market trust, universal blockchain trust

11. If You Believe in Politics You Believe in Tribalism
Politics is about rallying people to face an existential peril. Just like tribalism

12. Pick Your Tribalism: Nationalism vs. What?
Nationalism, Globalism, or Identity Politics

13. Chantrill's Law of Incoming Rounds
Suddenly liberals are experiencing incoming rounds

14. Real Power: "You Are Not Allowed to Say That"
You think power is armies and soldiers?

15. What Will It Take to End the Progressive "Great Reaction?"
When educated-class white women realize they have been had.

16. Emotion Rules the World, Scientists Say
Even though everyone is in favor of logic and reason

17. Nationalism is the Movement to Counter the Dictatorship of the Educated Class
But what else should we do?

18. The Right to be Nationalist
And protect yourself from the educated class's hegemony

19. Understanding World History Through the Lens of Nationalism
See, Henry VII had to recruit a new upper class. From the Commoners

20. The Trouble is That The Yellow Vests are Already Toast
Because they are underlings

21. What if Liberals Abolished the Middle Class?
Then there wouldn't be any deplorables as the enemy

22. Most Voters are Tribal
And the tribiest tribe in America is the progressive tribe

23. When Things Go Wrong: Humanity's Basic Challenge
How about designing things so they can respond to a "glitch"

24. The Knotty Problem at the Center of Western Politics
How does the ruling class keep its old little darlings happy while romancing the new ones?

25. The Left's Religion of Political Power
It's the old way of protecting yourself, before the Industrial Revolution.

26. Explaining "Hate:" My Pure Theory of Politics
In politics, you always need an enemy to fight against

27. The Educated Class Have Had It Wrong Since Before World War II
All political entities create themselves in war

28. Donald Trump Pivots to "Father of His Country"
Because he will be fighting a "Four More Years" election in 2020

29. Nietzsche Like Europe; Zweig Liked Europe. So...
It will never work, chaps

30. Strange Death of Europe. But Why?
Because the diversity politics of the rulers is killing the nations

31. Imagining "No Left Left" in Europe
Suppose people stopped voting for the left, like in Israel

32. And Now the Aussies
The nationalist rubes win the election in Australia

33. Nationalism, Socialism, Patriotism, and So On
Who was right? Hitler our our modern globalists?

34. What All Rulers Do
Won't you join in our crusade -- and share the loot

35. Both Dennis Prager and Vox Day are Wrong on Nationalism
Nationalism is the ideology put together by the victor's intellectuals

36. What Do You Think Parades are For, Lefties?
They are to celebrate "us". Lefties celebrate things like LGBT with parades

37. You Create a Political Entity by Fighting and Winning a War
Because the opposition throws in the towel and joins the war party

38. When the Other Shoe Drops
After the ageing white leaders of the Democratic Party die off

39. I Will Fight For You." Politics as Protection
It is not about a rational discussion of the issues

40. "Whoever Shows Up" Nationalism
I think the nation is formed in the unity of war

41. The Politician That Trumps the Race Card
Odd that we have a president named Trump. I wonder what God means by that

42. Women and Politics
Politics is about force, and women are programmed to name and shame

43. The Left Led the Workers into a Wilderness
Their miseries are a direct result of leftist policies

44. Leading Under Combat Conditions
Marching towards the sound of the guns is a guy thing

45. The Big Problem with Politics in the Mature Welfare State
Loot and plunder has gone about as far as it can go

46. Politics and Honor Among Thieves
Yes, why didn't the IC give Trump a heads-up on Russian Collusion?

47. Suppose We Are Approaching the End of the Age of Politics
and a future that nobody has a clue about

48. Government. It Always Comes Down to Force
And Gentry experts seem to like it. Force.

49. How Do You Spell FBI? Exactly, KGB
When you start using the government to teach people a lesson

50. Censorship, Police State Tactics: Rulers are Losing It
And then they start doing stupid stuff

51. Worse Than Watergate. But You Knew That
 Because Nixon never got to use state power on his enemies

52. Obamagate: Putting the Racist Bugbear to Rest
When all criticism is racism, you get to think that the rules don't apply to you

53. Pardon Barack Obama Now!
Cos then the underlings will start to squeal

54. Remember Politicians Know Nothing
Except when they are fighting a jolly old war

Don't worry: opinion is just science reduced to rules of thumb

When you still haven't bent the arc of history towards justice

You call someone a fascist if you want to shut them up

They don't know how to act

It's when a subject group organizes against the ruling class

Some day some kid is going to ask Mommy why liberals lie about race

Doesn't pass the smell test, Mr. Former Deputy Attorney General

But that's the old way, before the city and capialism

Cos the Wokie Bernie Bros want loot too.

And the first thing they do is set up borders and a police force.

What it's like for a white man to experience slavery. Fiction, of course.

Don't forget, everything lefties said would change the world, isn't

Yes lefties. After your "march through the institutions" things are still screwed up. How come?

It depends on their class

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