Tuesday, July 9, 2019

My Pure Theory of Politics - Table of Contents

My Pure Theory of Politics - Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1. Out in the Woods: America's Big Problem is Liberals

2. How to Unify America and the West

3. My Solution is Language Nationalism

4. So-called "Protest" is Really War

5. The Problem with Politics

6. The Wages of Politics

7. Things That Liberals Are Getting Wrong

8. The Fault, dear Liberals, is in Your Religion

9. When Your Faith is in Force

10. The Three Ages of Trust

11. If You Believe in Politics You Believe in Tribalism

12. Pick Your Tribalism: Nationalism vs. What?

13. Chantrill's Law of Incoming Rounds

14. Real Power: "You Are Not Allowed to Say That"

15. What Will It Take to End the Progressive "Great Reaction?"

16. Nationalism is the Movement to Counter the Dictatorship of the Educated Class

17. The Right to be Nationalist

18. Understanding World History Through the Lens of Nationalism

19. The Trouble is That The Yellow Vests are Already Toast

20. What if Liberals Abolished the Middle Class?

21. Most Voters are Tribal

22. When Things Go Wrong: Humanity's Basic Challenge

23. The Knotty Problem at the Center of Western Politics

24. The Left's Religion of Political Power

25. Explaining "Hate:" My Pure Theory of Politics

26. The Educated Class Have Had It Wrong Since Before World War II

27. Donald Trump Pivots to "Father of His Country"

28. Nietzsche Like Europe; Zweig Liked Europe. So...

29. Strange Death of Europe. But Why?

30. Imagining "No Left Left" in Europe

31. And Now the Aussies

32. Nationalism, Socialism, Patriotism, and So On

33. What All Rulers Do

34. Both Dennis Prager and Vox Day are Wrong on Nationalism

35. What Do You Think Parades are For, Lefties?

36. You Create a Political Entity by Fighting and Winning a War

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