Thursday, April 4, 2019

Left's Errors - Table of Contents

The Left's Errors

Table of Contents

1. The Left's Syllabus of Errors, Part One
Nine little errors, starting with the French Revolution

2. The Left's Syllabus of Errors: Postmodernism
No doubt everything is a narrative of power. But that includes postmodernism, sister.

3. There is a Reason Why the Left is Always Attacking Middle-Class Values
The left needs subordinate victims to maintain political power.

4. The Six Worst Injustices of the Liberal Domination
Keeping workers down, attacking middle class, wrecking education, retirement, health care, charity.

5. Militarism vs. Activism: Ruling Class Culture Then and Now
The ruling class used to teach honor and glory. Now it teaches justice and activism.

6. Real Critical Theory: How About a Critique of Leftism?
Lefties have taught us to critique capitalism. Now let´s critique lefties and the educated ruling class.

7. Great Reaction: The Left's Neo-Tyranny
Unlike the capitalists, the left is really interested in power. That leads to tyranny.

8. The  Grand Narrative of the Post-Modernists
Pomos don't believe in grand narratives. Except their own.

9. The Plague of Fake Politics
Fake Politics from Marx to modern "activism."

10. When a Lefty Comes to Visit
Lefties need to be carefully taught that their activism is really all about them.

11. My Critique of the Left. Again
Trying to understand the left. With a hammer.

12. The Left's Errors: The Programs
How all  the left's favorite programs don't work. Imagine!

13. No, Critical Theorists. Creativity is Not The Only Thing
Creativity stands on the shoulders of responsibility.

14. My Three Peoples vs. the Left's Three Peoples

15. Let's Apply Three Peoples to This Week's Issues

16. Great Reaction: Activism is Neo-Knight-Errantry
What else do you call riding around in search of helpless victims to save?

17. Great Reaction: Reparations is Neo-Vengeance
Turning back the clock from law to the lex-talionis

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