Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Thanks to America

My love for America began on my first morning in America. It was in December 1965 when I woke up early in my parents' apartment in Denver, Colorado, and saw the crystal clear dawn come up on the great prairie horizon.

It only got better. I loved the way that everything worked, from the heating that heated to the cars that lumbered along confidently with their great iron V8s. I loved the confidence of 6th Avenue, six lanes  of highway that led straight to the Rockies. I loved the Chevies powering up US40 into the mountains. And I loved the can-do spirit of the nation.

Since then America has been good to me. It has given me work and pleasure, a wife, children, and now six grandchildren. And the prosperity to relax and enjoy it all.

Of course, America has a lot of problems, and I am eager to solve them. But problems are the stuff of life; it in only in meeting challenges and difficulties that we humans realize our humanity. We long for paradise and the Isle of the Blessed, but only really achieve paradise by rising to the challenge of life. For a life without challenge and without adversity is not a life at all, but a pretty tableau inside someone's fantasy of life; it is really a hell.

No doubt there are problems in America; no doubt there are injustices. No doubt there are threats of every kind. But I am thankful for the life I have been given in America, and I always will.

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