Friday, November 20, 2015

Don't Let Your Kid Grow Up to Be An Environmental Cop

We had a very nice trip to the good old convict prison at Port Arthur in Tasmania. It flourished between the 1830 and 1877. And it was trying to reform prisoners with sensible solitary confinement and other methods out of Jeremy Bentham's utilitarian playbook.

I'm afraid I was pretty cavalier with the guide by treating the whole thing as a joke, a bureaucratic monstrosity, and implying that things are no different today.

Because really, imagine what future earnest critics will say about today's policing and prisons and welfare and education. And environmental politics.

Our guide was a good chap, but it turned out that two of his kids are well-educated environmental cops, runnin' around making sure the farmers aren't killing Tasmamian Devils and stuff. There's a bit of a problem with Tasmanian Devils because, as carrion eaters and not very fast on their feet, they tend to end up as road kill when they are helpfully eating road kill on Tasmania's highways. Something must be done.

But it all got me to thinking about how many of our well-educated kids are ending up as Give-me-the-facts-ma'am environmental gumshoes. Or shall we call them enforcement officers willingly doing the dirty work of stopping people from growing food and building roads and making products and services, because saving the planet.

But that is not really my problem. I am thinking about what will happen when the people finally rebel against their empoverishment by the ruling class's environmental cops and regulators. All those educated gumshoes are going to be really pissed off when the peasants with pitchforks start coming for their careers and their pensions. They won't understand that they have been blindly squeezing ordinary people as thoughtlessly as the overseers and constables of the old Port Arthur convict settlement.

Because most people most of the time just accept that working people were horribly treated back in the 19th century but that things are much more evolved and advanced today.

The point is that there are shoals and shoals of these educated fish in the US in the state and local environmental bureaucracies and they have all drunk the KoolAid. What are we going to do with them after the revolution?

Maybe they don't all believe the lies. Maybe they are just going along to get along. I just finished a rant by Sarah Hoyt about the lies in YA fiction, with "100 lb girls taking out men four times their size in books and movies." It got to the point where her son wanted to be a girl because they had all the fun.

But years later at the grocery store, she asked him about this.
I don’t remember why I reminded him of his “I want to be a girl moment.”  He looked at me and curled his lip.  “Yeah, I got over it.  I realized it wasn’t real.  There was no relation between girls on TV and in books and real girls.  Most real girls just want to talk about hair and clothes and go shopping.  The fun ones will play space-games, but mostly they just want to treated like they’re a space-princess and rescued and stuff.  I’ve yet to meet one who likes fighting and running.”
So there really is hope for the young generation. But the problem is, as Sarah Hoyt writes, that to break out of the Port Arthurs that today's liberal Jeremy Benthams have imprisoned us in is going to take a lot of busting out. And it ain't gonna be pretty.

Did you know that at the narrow neck of land between Port Arthur and the Tasmanian mainland they set up a "dog line." They chained dogs there at night on the assumption that the dogs would bark and attack any convicts trying to escape.

The wonders of the bureaucratic mind.

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