Friday, November 27, 2015

Assimilation and the Crime of the Century

Once upon a time there were a bunch of Educated Youth around and they decided to help the suffering factory workers, the people they called the working class. Looking back, these elite "best men" had two options: they could teach the factory workers how to wive and thrive in the capitalist, post-industrial-revolution society and economy that had changed everything; or they could assist the factory workers with "social protection" and make them comfortable in their factory work.

The Educated Youth chose the latter option. They captured the ramparts of cultural and political power and forced society to make life comfortable for the people that toiled in the factories under near slave-labor discipline. They created wage and hour laws; the legitimized restraint of trade in labor; they initiated government pension and health care plans; they forced safety legislation on employers. And life got pretty comfortable for the factory workers. In the heyday of factory work, for one brief moment, a kid could graduate from high school and go down the road to the local factory, and expect to work there, a good job at good wages, for a lifetime.

But then factory work ended, the grandchildren of the educated youth fell out of love for the working class, and the working class sank like a stone. Of course it did: protected and cosseted and confirmed in its pre-modern culture, it was utterly unprepared for the real world of the modern, global economy.

Over at According to Hoyt, author and immigrant Sarah A. Hoyt discusses this issue from the US immigrant's perspective in "Prepare to be Assimilated." She discusses her choice to assimilate to US culture against maintaining the culture of the old country, Portugal.
But today I want to talk about assimilation, or, in sociological terms, acculturation.  I, and Kate Paulk, and Dave Freer, and a ton of the rest of us are immigrants who went to another country with the intention of living there the rest of our lives and who had incentives to fit in and be part of that country...

But even then, with the best will to fit in, it’s a HARD thing.  Really hard.
Sarah then writes at great length just how hard it was for a literate girl from a village in Portugal to "fit in" to America. Today, she feels 90% American and 10% Portuguese, but it took a long time to get there.

Yet today's Educated Youth encourages immigrants to retain their culture and denies the hard road that any immigrant must travel in order to "fit in." And the popular culture encourages non-whites to cleave to their tribal identity instead of fitting into the white middle-class culture of America.
This is the message these new refugee-immigrants will get, though TV, through movies, through social workers.  How important it is they hold on to their all vital tribalism.  Not just in food and clothing, but in thought.  How it’s somehow “racism” to demand they fit in into their new homeland.
Only it doesn't work. It didn't work for the working class; it isn't working for African Americans that have been culturally separated and socially demoralized by the Great Society and race preferences. It's turned college women into bullying special snowflakes.

The Educated Youth are now hard at work on Hispanics, to get them to define themselves as separate from America. And then there are the Muslims.

The message from Sarah A. Hoyt to immigrants is "Don't." Don't listen to the liberals and the identity activists and the Educated Youth. Learn to love the land and the people you have chosen. Only she makes the point more strongly.
Fit in or f*ck off.
Well, she didn't come up with that on her own. She got it from an immigrant to Australia, Dave Freer, from South Africa. And he got it, the first two words, from another immigrant to Australia.

(Myself, I've always avoided the company of fellow ex-pat Brits in the US. I just don't like their "in the old country" talk. That's why the Aussies say: "go back to Britain you whingeing Pom." All I want to do is to be an American.)

This stuff is getting a bit old. Now that we have seen what happened to the Soviet Union. Now that we see what Mao's China was all about. Now that the old white working class in Britain and the US is descended into alcoholism and drug dependency. Now that we know without a doubt where the left's politics leads.

It's time to say that progressive politics is the Crime of the Century.

Because the only thing for peasants first arriving in the city, or immigrants arriving in America, is to "fit in or f*ck off." Anything else is misery and failure.

And anyone that encourages the new arrivals in their separation and segregation is a monster.

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