Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Is Obama Actually Trying to Destroy the Democratic Party?

Conservatives look at President Obama and wonder who the real Obama is. Or rather, we wonder if our instincts, that he is a full-on cultural Marxist lefty, can really be true -- in this day and age. Because surely in 2015, after a century and a half of Marxist mayhem and stupidity, nobody can really believe this stuff.

But here is Paul Sperry writing in the New York Post about the doings of Organizing for Action, the daughter organization of Obama's campaign organization Obama for America. OfA is out there organizing hundreds of thousands of newly minted community organizers.
Through social media, they mobilize flash mobs against “biased cops,” “climate-change deniers,” “Wall Street predators” and “gun extremists.” They hold rallies against conservative foes of gay marriage, LGBT rights, abortion and amnesty for illegal immigrants.
See, I think that this is a suicide cult,  strategic error of monumental proportions. I think this is replaying the disastrous New Left politics of the 1960s that created the Nixonian Silent Majority and the Reagan Democrats. I think that this leftism is a fantasy ideology, created out of the desperate need, in a peaceful world, for something to fight against and require the sweet use of political violence and government force.

In my telling, the Democrats of the 1970s learned a terrible lesson. They learned that the average American hated their Cloward-Piven tactics and their internal colonization of middle-class culture with Alinskyism. And then when Ronald Reagan, the B-movie actor, cleaned their clocks not once but twice... Well, it led to Bill Clinton and the New Democrats who assured us that they were as patriotic as the next man and who declared that the era of big government was over.

In the event, once Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, he pivoted sharp left and got his face handed to him in the midterms of 1994. Thereafter the liberal Bill Clinton kept handlers like Dick Morris around to keep him in the safety zone.

But the real Democrats couldn't stay hidden, not forever, so after the mistakes of the Bush administration and the mortgage meltdown, they returned in full force under the leadership of Barack Obama, taught from his cradle by liberals and advised by red-diaper babies. Like David Axelrod.

Now we have the absurd antics of the feminist-inspired "rape culture" and "microaggression" activists, which I think is the particularly feminine contribution to leftist politics. Because while you could say that young men thrill to the cry of "smash the bosses" (or sexists or racists), the cry for safe spaces and "I can't believe I heard you say that" are obviously the product of a Double-X coded brain.

I suppose we have to go through this every generation. But it would really be cool if we could draw a line under this fantasy ideology, this nostalgia for a time of perfect social solidarity that never was, that has hag-ridden the modern era and sent millions of innocents to an early grave.

The encouraging thing is that it looks like the average American absolutely hates where the community-organizer tactics of Obama have brought us. They are actively yearning for something different.

And my guess is that, come November 2016 they are going to get it, probably by a decisive 55-45 election. And that should inoculate America against unashamed leftism for a generation. If we are lucky.

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