Thursday, November 5, 2015

Message to "Emergent Majority:" They Lied

On the 15-hour trip from San Francisco to Sydney, en-route to a 21-day vacation in Australia, I got to watch the 2014 movie of Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth. Brittain was becoming an adult in that fateful summer of 1914, and after seeing her lover and her brother  and his friends eaten up by the war machine she asks what's the bloody point?

Of course, women have been asking that for millennia. They just don't see the point of war -- or guns -- until the barbarians are at the gates. Then they ask: "Mr. President, is it safe?" But most of the time they are right.

The 2014 movie rather brightly illuminates the incompetent brutality of government. Every young man goes off to war, either wanting to do his bit, or afraid of not being seen to do his bit. We are, all of us, social conformists. And it was a stupid, mindless thing, the Great War.

Of course after the war Vera Brittain becomes a conventional center leftie, and her daughter, Shirley Williams, became a Labour Party Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament.

To me, as a racist, sexist, homophobe conservative, there is a startling blindness in people like Vera Brittain and her daughter. What, after all, is the difference between the blundering Asquith government of 1914 that used their political power to blunder into a stupid war, and the blundering social democratic governments of the remainder of the 20th century that blunderingly used their political power to lead the British working class into the dead end of council estates and bog-standard comprehensive schools -- all the while providing for themselves lots of addicting political power and sinecures?

So here I am staying in a "life-style" hotel in Sydney's Pyrmont district looking at all the millennials and thinking to myself: do you chaps not realize that the politicians and the intellectuals are lying to you and wrecking your lives no less than the mindless generation of 1914?

I write this as we digest the news of the startling win for Tea Partier Matt Bevin for governor of Kentucky, an open Christian conservative who's pro-gun and anti-Obamacare.

Ah, but wait till 2016, the Democrats say, when we energize our coalition of the young, the minorities, and the urbanites that elected Barack Obama twice.

To which I say: do you not realize, dear coalition of the ascendant, that the Democrats utterly lie to you? You have just come up through the government education system, and if you have been to college you probably have excruciating debts. Yes, the Democrats talk a good line about how the evil Republicans marginalize women and gays and minorities. Do you not realize that you are the #1 victims? Do you not realize that it is your borrowed money that funds their disfunctional educational and indoctrination machine -- which you, more that you know, have been programmed to support? Do you not realize that the soft economy of the 2010s is a direct result of liberal policy and government for decades?

If you are young and bright and eager, do you not realize that everything that big government has done over the last century makes it harder for you to live and work and thrive? First there are the swingeing taxes on work, the "payroll taxes" that are government's big protection racket. Then there are the regulations that make life difficult for new entrants, from the "sharing economy" to the energy economy. Then there is the politicization of everything, from women in the workforce to supposed sexual harassment in the university and the workplace. Do you not realize that all this is a racket, designed to capture your minds with appealing words and increase the power of politicians and activists?

Really, I suppose, the #1 job of every ruling class is to capture the minds of the young generation and put the bodies of the young in service to the regime. And, as much as they blunder and fail on just about everything, they sure do a job on the young, most of the time.

I remember my own modest awakening. It was after the surprising 60-40 reelection of President Nixon in 1972. Naturally, at the time, I was a squishy liberal that was excited by the New Politics of Sen. George McGovern. How could it be that American voters, of which I was not yet one, could vote against George McGovern by such a huge majority?

That was the beginning of wisdom. Because a young person has two choices. Either to write off the voters as mind-numbed bigots or to think more deeply. What is it that the voters wanted in 1972 that the Democrats so obviously failed to offer? Were the voters wrong, or were they onto something?

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