Monday, November 9, 2015

Everything is Pointing to "Time for a Change"

There is a reason why every election is either Four More Years or Time For a Change. It is encapsulated in Kevin D. Williamson's catchphrase that Politics is Violence.

When you look at what politicians and political activists do, it all comes down to violence, or as the protagonist in the Brit House of Cards, says: "I put a bit of stick about." That's the point. When activists get the President of a Missouri university to resign that's not mild advocating for peoples' rights. That's a power play; that's intimidation; that's the threat of violence.

But the thing about power is that it works two ways. In the doer, it performs the operation that "good sherries sack" performs on Sir John Falstaff: "It ascends me into the brain; / dries me there all the foolish and dull and curdy /vapours which environ it." Or, in short, power is the best aphrodisiac.

The other thing about power is the effect it has on the recipients: They hate it. That is why, after a few years of a president from the A party, a majority of people decide that they have had enough and that it is Time for a Changen and a dose of the B party.

In my view, we are probably experiencing in this political cycle a Time For a Change election that we haven't seen in my lifetime. Because for anyone that isn't a card-carrying liberal, these are the worst of times, with the public square filled with the most revolting liberal activists that turn your stomach with their hatred, their hypocrisy and their power to ruin your life. And that is to say nothing of the utter folly of Obamacare and the sluggish economy.

In addition, President Obama seems to be loading the barrel with dynamite. The issues that he's put off, for the obvious reason that only his extreme liberal base wants them, issues like the closure of Guantanamo and the Keystone XL pipeline,those are issues he's suddenly decided to push.

The reason that he's prevaricated on them is a simple one. They are the kind of issue that inflame the Republican base and that your average wet-noodle moderate doesn't like either. So why poison the well for Hillary Clinton on this? You tell me. The president's reasons for cancelling the Keystone pipeline are laughable on their face. We don't need the jobs, apparently, because the economy is doing OK. We don't need the pipeline because energy prices are down and we don't really need them lower. Really, Mr President. Any Republican president coming up with reasons like that would get roundly humiliated.

The point about Bill Clinton was that, liberal as he was, he was a brilliant politician and knew where to position himself somewhere just short of enraging the opposition. Barack Obama was careful enough in his election and reelection not to get too liberal. But now that he's off the leash, well, he's off the leash.

I expect that in future years we will use the example of President Obama sending his southern army group into the Caucasus as an example of stunning strategic overreach. But that time is not yet.

But it is Time for a Change. And how.

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