Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Dems are Breaking Rule One of Politics

Because government is force and politics is violence it is essential for every ruling class and government to present itself as a kindly librarian rather than an avenging angel. The reality is that governments, all governments dispense injustice, and the more power they possess the more injustice they mete out to the subject population. So governments understand that you must hide the mailed fist inside a velvet glove.

So a wise government keeps its crazies in check. Because the crazies signal to the uncommitted that government is not a kindly librarian but men with guns.

The crazies at the University of Missouri, like the crazies at Yale that spat on conservative worthies like Kevin Williamson, are the fault of President Obama, the worst president ever.

President Obama's problem is the he actually believes the rubbish that his red-diaper-baby mentors taught him as an impressionable teenager. There is, of course, an evil cunning to Rules for Radicals and the intolerant tolerance of Herbert Marcuse. It all makes sense if you are Samson and the only way forward is to pull the temple down on you and everyone else.

In the real world these lefty tactics create intolerable misery and disaster for ordinary people. And in the theory of Crane Brinton in The Anatomy of Revolution the reign of terror sets up the end of the revolution and the beginning of reaction.

So in my view our genius president is doing our work for us. His genius activists that are reporting KKK hoodies on the Missouri campus are broadcasting to the American voter -- and especially the American woman voter -- that it is past time to shut down this present eruption of left-wing hysteria. And make no mistake, we are talking here about religious hysteria, the millennial longings of left-wing religious hysterics bursting their bounds as often happens in the cycle of religious enthusiasm.

Let us rehearse some political common-sense here. When you are the ruling class the one thing you need to do is to rein in the enthusiasm of your most enthusiastic supporters, the fools that think that government can actually deliver Hope and Change, rather than merely move the deckchairs on the Titanic. Because government is force, politics is violence, system is domination, and history is disaster.

As I've written before, we saw all this in the Sixties. Liberals and their willing accomplices in the media thought that they were witnessing the Revolution, a fundamental change in US politics. But what they achieved was to frighten the daylights out of the American people and usher in a decade or more of law-and-order national politics.

At the time I was a young'un and was experiencing politics for the first time. It was significant to me that Richard Nixon won in 1968 after all the tremulous expectations with Gene McCarthy and the Happy Warrior Hubert Humphrey. When Nixon won 60-40 in 1972 after I'd watched PBS having orgasms over George McGovern all summer I knew that the liberal version of reality sucked.

It was after the McGovern defeat that liberals spent 25 years sailing under false colors pretending that they did too believe in law-and-order and they too were patriotic Americans.

But with Barack Obama we have a president that knew not the lessons of 1972. And so Americans have had eight long years of lefty crazies off the leash. And they don't like it.

You see if they don't, come November next year.

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