Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Worse and Worse: Now the White Working Class is Dying Off

There is a reason that the Bible says "put not your trust in princes." It's because you shouldn't. I am not talking about the moral case for not trusting politicians. That goes without saying. I am talking about the practical case, as in ending up as road kill.

My view is that politics is civil war by other means. When you sign up with a political party it is the same as joining the colors in the army. In the end, you will end up left behind on the side of the road on the route of march, hungry, or wounded, or both. Because the rank-and-file in anything is merely a creature of the bosses: army bosses, political bosses, corporate bosses, union bosses. After they leave you by the side of the road?  Then you will die.

A century ago the working class signed up with the parties of the left. Hey, the Marxes and the Webbs and the Roosevelts said: We care about you workers and we are outraged at your sufferings and we will make your evil employers pay.

Yeah. Life was rough in the early years of the industrial revolution.

Only the politicians that so loooved the working class eventually got tired of them. It's the way of ruling class aristocrats, whether they wear lace or Gore-Tex. They get tired of their wives and their concubines and their useless retainers and go seeking fresh flesh.

These days the lefty aristocrats absolutely looove women. And blacks. And Hispanics. And gays.

So now we read that working class whites with little education are suffering from an increasing death rate. From alcoholism. And heroin. And opoids. Who could have seen that coming?

Not much different from the white working class in Britain. White working class boys are the worst performers in school. Who could have seen that coming?

God, what a bloody shame. So it's worse than what Charles Murray said in Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010. He wrote that in the bottom 30 percent of whites the men don't work much and the women don't marry much. What an optimist! It turns out that reality is a bit worse than that. The white working class are also drinking themselves to death. And drugging themselves to death. And who can blame them?

First we had the Great Society, which made it easier for poor women of all races to marry the state instead of marry the fathers of their children. Then we had affirmative action, which put blacks, and then women, in front of ill-educated whites when it came to government jobs. Then we had Hispanic illegal immigration, to which liberals turn a blind eye, so that now it is difficult for a mechanic in Florida to get an on-the-books job. No problem, you say? Well try getting a mortgage without an on-the-books employment history.

Hey liberals! This is all your work. Welfare? Check. Affirmative Action? Check. Illegal immigration? Check.

No wonder the white working class is all excited by Donald Trump. He's actually proposing to do something about one of the things that hurt them.

Of course, the crush on Trump won't work. That's because of the first paragraph above. Put not your trust in princes.

The mistake the working class made was to believe that politics could improve their lives. What it did was entangle their lives in politics, for good or ill. It started out good, if you believe that the New Deal and labor unions and government entitlements are good for people. But, of course, politicians are a bit like insurance salesmen and greedy bankers. They are real good at selling you the insurance policy or the low-down mortgage or the cool free pension. But they really don't care about how you are going to pay for it. They just want their commission or their election win. What comes after is your problem. Oh, and then there were the unions. They worked for a while, enforcing good jobs at good wages out of big corporations. Until the big corporations went under. Those days are gone unless you work for the government.

Look chaps. If the white working class wants to get out of its death spiral, it's got to bottom out of its addiction to government and then get with the Twelve Step Plan.

You see, the dirty little secret of life under the industrial revolution is that you don't put your trust in princes. You put your trust in God. You get your life together. You learn self-discipline and you learn to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. No politicians. No activists. No union leaders. Just you and your determination and God.

But there are always flim-flam men out there offering a short cut, courtesy of the sweet use of force. Make those capitalists cough up! Make those racists pay! Make those sexist bosses pay women equal pay for equal work! Make those bigoted cake makers shape up!

But politics is violence, and government is force. If you want to wive and thrive, you need to get clear of the violence of politics and the brute force of government.

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