Thursday, April 27, 2017

Women and Sex and Love and Marriage

My American Thinker piece this week tried to explain the left's abandonment of the white working class all over the world as comparable to the sexual despoiling of a young woman by a caddish sexual predator: seduction, exploitation, abandonment. One reader wrote me to mention how much women in sexual relations outside marriage suffer from domestic violence.

But this week is full of such talk. There's the liberal fascination with the Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale about an America run by the religious right and with Christian magnates refreshing themselves with "handmaids" in addition to their wives. Heather Wilhelm writes that this is pure liberal projection. (Anyway, Christianity has been a big force for monogamy and has notably structured its belief system towards women's spiritual needs).

Then there's the K.C. Johnston and Stuart Taylor book on The Campus Rape Frenzy. About how the Obama administration twisted the Title IX statute into a license to hunt male sexual predators on campus. And how due process is thrown out the window in order to pursue live white males.

Remember the Sexual Revolution that was going to liberate both men and women from their hangups about sex and also smash the patriarchy? So how come that lead to the hook-up culture on campus fueled by half a bottle of vodka per person to be consumed before the evening's frolics?  Gilbert GT. Sewall writes how the hook-up culture works on today's campus.
On campus, if you are a girl, you are declared hot or not. A large number of girls want to be hot. Running with the fun crowd means heavy partying and sex. There can be great emotional blackmail and unrelieved pressure to put out. Young women who don’t get slandered or dropped.
How come the college girls, hot or not, aren't liberated by their sexual liberation?

I guess the thing that annoys me the most is that, after demanding the waving away of all sexual mores, the customs and culture around sex and marriage built up by our forefathers, the left now wants to rebuild the sexual behavior boundaries with the sweet use of government force, only liberal political activists need apply. Really? So rules about sex were a good idea after all?

Well, if you ask me, it is pretty obvious what is needed, given the testimony of my reader about non-marital domestic violence, and the stories about Columbia's Mattress Girl, who clearly pursued her former lover out of her rage that issued from his abandoning her.

Human society needs a culture around sex that moderates the instinctive sexual predatory behavior of males, and honors the love-forever instincts of females.

I'd say that such a culture would make it shameful for a young man to pursue a young woman for sex without making a commitment of fidelity, and utterly foolish for a young woman to consent to sex before obtaining a commitment of fidelity from her lover.

That, of course, is what marriage is all about. It is a declaration of fidelity and commitment made before the world and in particular before the two families in question. So it curbs male sexual predation and helps women secure commitment. What a concept!

Meanwhile the kids have to navigate the storm-tossed waters of the post Sexual Revolution world of college. I am intrigued by the various strategies young people have evolved to avoid the hook-up scene. One of them is homosexuality, male and female. Another is the "friends-with-benefits" notion of sticking with one partner throughout college, recognizing that the partners will likely separate after college. Another is the decision to have nothing to do with the opposite sex and play video games in the basement. Another, that I have seen in a number of young people of my acquaintance, is simply to stick with the same partner right through college and graduate school until careers are set and then get married. How about 30-year-old Jon Ossoff, great white hope of Georgia Democrats, who has been with his current girlfriend for 12 years?

Meanwhile, we have our liberal friends who think they can solve all this with liberal activism and government regulations and social media naming and shaming.

Where do they go to learn to be so foolish?

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