Monday, April 17, 2017

Pity the Pore Norks!

What do you do if you are an economically dead-end socialist state and you want to stay in business, desperately.

We are talking, this week, about the  Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader.

(Funny how those socialist states go all-in on the fascist F├╝hrerprinzip. What is that all about?)

Well, the answer is obvious. If you are a dead-end socialist state that can barely feed your people you absolutely, positively have to have nuclear weapons. Otherwise the United States will one day invade you and put you out of business. As in Iraq, courtesy of Republican George W. Bush. As in Libya, courtesy of Democratic Barack H. Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That's why Iraq was pushing for nuclear weapons. Pity that Saddam Hussein buckled under and agreed to get rid of his "weapons of mass destruction." Maybe if he had kept them the US wouldn't have invaded, and Iraq wouldn't have descended into secular strife, and maybe we wouldn't have ISIS to kick around today.

That's why any tin-pot dictator in the world is looking at Libya right now and saying, the sooner I get nuclear weapons the sooner the US will leave me alone. That's why Iran just had to keep going on its nuclear program and that is why is was so convenient to have Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett in the White House to advise President Obama on the Iran deal.

Of course, these dead-end socialist states could abjure their famine-causing socialism (as in the famines in the 1930s Soviet Union, the 1950s Maoist China, the 1970s Cambodia, and now oil-rich Venezuela) and become dutiful client states of the United States like Japan or South Korea. But where is the fun in that? Where would you go to get your macho chest hair back?

The fact is that it takes real cojones to be a state that is aligned against the US. In a way Noam Chomsky is right. The US is the evil global hegemon, and you'd better not mess with it.

And here's something amazing. President Trump tosses a few cruise missiles at Syria, and all of a sudden the Democratic elite is taking him seriously and complimenting him just a little. What is that all about? I thought that Trump was a crazed maniac. How could his image have improved when he proved the critics right?

And what about China? Why would they want to "solve" the Nork problem? Right now it must be rather convenient to have a mad dog at hand to focus the attention of the United States. What would be the point of taking out the Nork regime, unify Korea, and bring the border of the US imperium right up to the Yalu River? I don't think so, if I am a Chinese leader.

I don't know what the Trump regime is planning with respect to North Korea. All I know is this. Every state that wants to be taken seriously by the "international community" needs to be a nuclear power, and be able to talk about tossing a nuke into the men's room at the White House.

Otherwise that state will be treated like a pawn, and one day might find US troops coming ashore to take care of the interests of the US world empire.

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