Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pity the Media Won't Keep Their Side Honest

One thing you can say about the mainstream media. They are in like Flint on any political shenanigans by Republicans. The result is that Republicans are really careful about governing by the rules. At least after the lesson of Richard Nixon.

But the mainstream media gives their Democratic buddies a pass. And now that failing may be coming to bite them in the Obamagate/Susan Rice affair.

There seems to be an attitude in liberal circles that, hey, the IRS harassment of Tea Party groups was no big deal, and anyway they are all teabaggers. There seems to be an attitude out in mainstream medialand now that, well, National Security Advisor Susan Rice's "unmasking" of Trump transition people was legal, and therefore not a problem.

And don't get me started on sanctuary cities and drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

In other words, it's OK for Democratic politicians and administrators to flout letter of the law and the spirit of the law, because they are on the right side of history. And it's OK for liberal activists to break the law with violence on the street or burn down a few businesses in Baltimore, MD. But don't you racists and sexists and teabaggers try that, or we will have your guts for garters.

In a way, it is good news for Republicans and conservatives that Democrats are breaking the rules. It shows that they are in trouble. That is usually how financial fraud starts. Financier Bob gets into a hole with a bad bet and then tries to paper over the hole with a bit of sharp practice.

Of course the story on the ObamaGate surveillance seems to be a bit different. The Obamis figured that Hillary Clinton would win the election and so a bit of illegal surveillance of the politicians and operatives on the Trump team would be no big deal. It just made sense to keep an eye on the Trumpsters, just in case. No surprises, please!

But then Trump won the election and the liberal base lost its mind. So now the Obamis switched into interference mode, trying to wrong-foot the Trump transition and maybe trap its officials into improprieties or illegalities.

On Powerline blog, they call Susan Rice a fool and a knave. I presume they mean that not only is Rice operating above her level of competence, but that when she gets into trouble she cheats, just like a financier in trouble.

Isn't that really the story of the Obama administration, from Obama on down? President Obama, as they say, was "wafted aloft" by liberals doing their bit for affirmative action. For the rest of America, electing Barack Obama to the presidency was to be a ticket out of race shame, so that America could get on with being America and stop the penance for African slavery.

But a chap that was "wafted aloft" has not really shown his mettle, and sooner or later he will be in over his head.

When you are in over your head you revert to your training. That is what military basic training is all about, and that is what flying training is all about. When things go wrong you automatically go with your training. I remember in my soaring days that a couple of times it looked like I would have to "land out" in a field. My training clicked in and I started a descent into a sensibly selected field. But both times I hit a thermal on the way down and so was able to circle in the thermal and climb out of trouble.

President Obama's training has been in left-wing activism, which I would call an inappropriate preparation for high office. It is training for rich kids to protest and agitate, but it is not a training for governance.

So President Obama has given away the Democratic dominance of elected offices by pushing the liberal activist agenda without regard for people that might not agree with liberalism. And his affirmative action appointments, from Attorney Generals Eric Holder to Loretta Lynch, have not seemed to imagine that they represent the nation rather than the liberal agenda.

What these liberals do not seem to understand is that the whole apparatus of laws and following the rules is not there to be the servant of political power, but is designed to make the opposition feel that they are protected from the arbitrary power of the rulers, and hold on the the dream of getting back into power at the next election.

Our liberal friends think that law is a question of enforcing rights, rather than limiting government power. In fact, according to my understanding, law developed mostly outside government to deal with questions of commerce and inheritance. It was so successful that government picked it up to exploit the law's reputation for justice. So with "rights." These started as the rights of Englishmen to be free of government power; they have now migrated to be rights that are enforced upon ordinary people to favor the favorites of the ruling class.

Liberals don't get this. They think they are doing God's work by advocating for traditionally marginalized people and by legislating social programs to help "working families." And it means nothing to them how they get there. Because social justice. Indeed, the normal way to "get there" is through "activism" and "peaceful protest."

The problem is that "activism" and "peaceful protest" are in fact rehearsals for civil war. Both methods amount to shows of force, or, in left-wing jargon, "escalation." That is why the left used to talk about "demonstrations" and in French they still talk about "manifestations." And that is why the left gets all worked up when groups on the right use the method of the street, as the Tea Party did a decade ago. When the other guys do it to you, you understand completely what is going down.

So the liberal love of "activism" and "peaceful protest" is a rehearsal for civil war and so also is the Obami appetite for weaponizing the government against the Republicans.

Hopefully, the end of the current leftward lurch will be a repeat of the 1970s when ordinary Americans reacted viscerally against the New Left and the students and the "kids." And hopefully Marx's apothegm will also apply that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.

Hopefully we won't lurch, step by step, towards civil war.

Because, quite apart from the illegality, I just get the feeling that the Obamis are the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

And they aren't going to learn until the media makes them play by the rules.

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