Friday, April 14, 2017

In This School of Life, We Learn...

Those "In This House, We Believe" signs are breeding like rabbits in my rich-bitch liberal neighborhood. So I have finally decided to produce a countersign.


That's what it starts out with, because the delicious thing about the #WeBelieve sign is its pure liberal conceit. As though there was no argument about its facile slogans. But life is a process; we learn from out mistakes as we go along.


Hey kids! Notice what happened to United Airlines the other day? They called the cops to eject a paying passenger from an airplane. They called on the government's men with guns, and the only thing the men with guns understand is force. And everyone hates it. United could have solved their little problem with money. Instead they opted for government's "sweet use of force." When you advocate for a new government program you are saying that the only solution is force.


They say that if you put a bunch of Americans into a room to solve a problem they will do it by giving each participant a piece of the solution. But politicians play a different game. Their game is to divide the electorate in two, so that they get the 51% and the rest get nothing.


I got this one from lefty rich kids Horkheimer and Adorno in their Dialectic of Enlightenment. Apart from extending identity politics beyond the sacred working class to women and minorities they wrote: "What men want to learn from nature is how to use it in order wholly to dominate it and other men." No kidding!

So, you see, when you combine the government and politics and system you get an unholy brew of force, division, and domination. Sad.


I mean this in every sense. The first, from F.S.C Northrop is that knowledge begins with a problem. If you don't have a problem, you don't need knowledge or science, or wisdom or anything. Second, in the sense applied by Horkheimer and Adorno above, which the environmentalists understand in their better moments: science easily leads to domination. Third is the unholy combination of science and government. When you combine science and politics you get politics, as in "climate deniers." When you combine science and government you get government and its force, as in H-bombs and bird-killing eco-crucifixes.


Among the more evolved and educated among us there has grown up a cult of creativity. To participate in an original creation of a work of art, or science, or gadget, or activism, is the highest form of life, and only the best need apply. In fact, of course, everyone, even the meanest among us, can participate in the wonder of creation, just by having children. It is telling that the initiates into the cult of creativity, who I call the People of the Creative Self, rather tend to devalue the ordinary miracle of children. I suspect they are wrong.


David Bohm writes that meaning is just as real as matter and energy. It's just that there is more meaning in a human than in a rock. But meaning is something about which we wrestle every day. That's why Douglas Adams introduced "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything" as a constant theme in his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Meaning is not just critical; it is paradoxical.


You can say that no human is illegal all you want, but migration is a serious business. Ask the folks on the receiving end of the northwestern Europeans that migrated all around the world starting in about 1492. In our time the left has made a scandal out of European migration, calling it colonialism. In other words, for the last 500 years Europeans have been migrating and invading all across the world, and that is bad. But now that the rest of the world wants to migrate to the West migration is good? Explain that to me Sherlock.


The guy that invented the notion of "GOD" was a genius, because he encapsulated, for any era, the fundamental mystery about "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything." And whatever silly signs we post in front of our homes, whatever silly ideas we post on our blogs, whatever the lying talking points we spout on the nightly news, God is not mocked. What a relief.

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