Friday, April 7, 2017

Gorsuch Confirmed, So What?

Neil Gorsuch was just confirmed to be Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court by a vote of 54-45. So that's all right.

We know why the Democrats have to fight these Supreme Court nominations to the knife. It's because their pet issues -- abortion, gay marriage -- have been decided by the Supreme Court, and not by a bipartisan majority in Congress. So the composition of the Supreme Court is of vital importance to secular-believing liberals.

It all seemed so sensible and advanced a century ago when the Progressive movement came up with the idea of the "living constitution." Of course, that was then, when total government spending was less than 10% of GDP, whereas now it is 35% of GDP and very likely more.

The truth is that we are somewhere near the high-water mark of the great progressive tide and sooner or later it will start to recede. We can't really deal with more government spending, because it chokes off the natural workings of the economy. Yet we can't cut anything, from Social Security to government employee pensions, because nothing gets people to the polls like someone cutting their benefits.

So liberals are going to be on defense, protecting their privileges, and it will get worse before it gets better. That's because all the people displaying the "In This House We Believe" in the Liberal Commandments signs from Karen Joiner do not understand that what they are doing. They do not understand that all the Liberal Commandments amount to the legislation of liberal morality. They do not understand that their secular commandments are a violation of the separation of church and state. They do not understand that government is a very blunt instrument to use in enforcing morality.

They do not understand that the reason for limited government is to reduce the number of issues over which people can fight, so that we can avoid civil war.

Look at the top item on the list: Black Lives Matter. Just what is the government supposed to do about that? Stop police brutality? Or stop gangbangers killing other blacks? And what are we going to do about the fact that most black children don't have fathers, not in a practical sense of having a mother and a father in the house? And what are we going to do about the fact that government education serves the upper-middle class best and the poor worst?

And anyway, what are we going to do about the travails of the white working class, suffering elevated deaths from drugs, drink and suicide for 30 years while nobody noticed?

Our liberal friends do not understand that the bill for a century of progressive politics is coming due, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

The problem is that just about everything liberals have done over the last century is evil, as in identity politics; stupid, as in big government entitlements; or wrong, as in all the regulation and administrative ukase that benefits special interests.

The usual way of solving such problems is through the collapse of the current civilization.

Tell me it ain't so, Justice Gorsuch.

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