Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Trouble with Moving Comics and Movies Left

Last week Marvel Comics admitted that their new lefty-approved superheroes aren't going down well. Comic readers just don't want diversity. One of my readers commented that he'd been reading the comics for decades, but "a couple of years ago, the sjw comics showed up and I quit."

You see this sort of thing everywhere. Last week I went to the live-action Beauty and the Beast, and of course Beauty had to be a right-on liberal girl that couldn't wait to get away from her sleepy bigoted village. And she was the daughter of an artist, not the daughter of a merchant, as in the 19th century version, or a princess as in the ancient version.

Then yesterday on a flight from Florida I saw the latest Star Wars franchise movie, Rogue One, and the heroine (who is hero and heroine in one) is risking her life in death-defying action that no girl or woman ever did or will do.

And as for the diversity, it was notable that the diverse characters were all in supporting roles. In Beauty they were villagers and courtiers. In Rogue they ran the gamut, including blacks, east Asians, Middle Easterners, and they were all wise and brave. But they were all in supporting roles. The main flawed characters were white.

You can understand why blacks are getting shirty about no black Oscars. How come they are always playing second fiddle when liberal Hollywood puts out a blockbuster? Well, Hollywood? What's the excuse?

But of course it goes deeper than that. The heroes and heroines are all upper-class. Beauty is a voracious reader. The Star Wars heroine is the daughter of a major scientist. And what about La La Land, which I also saw on the plane. These are white college kids confronting the hard choices of life as an artist. Blacks and other races need not apply except as scenery.

The point about the old Marvel superheroes is that they started out ordinary. Superman was from Smallville. Spiderman's family was very ordinary. So the point of the Marvel comics was to cater to boys from working-class backgrounds that were dreaming of the possibilities of a life of action and adventure rather than just working at the factory. This is the boy version of the Broadway musical, which is about young women daring to marry out.

The new SJW-converged characters are middle-class kids wondering whether they can be creative artists.

Obviously today's left is only interested in the cultural situation of people like them. It's not just that they have fallen out of love with the white working class; they are just not interested in any life questions that don't apply to the educated, creative life.

This all makes sense with my reductive Three Peoples theory. The comic superheroes are about the sons of the People of the Subordinate Self trying out as People of the Responsible Self, as in the advice to Spiderman that with great power comes great responsibility. But the SJW heroes and heroines are all about the creative life of the People of the Creative Self. In La La Land the whole movie turns on a scene where the hero and heroine choose creativity and artistic career over relationship. The improbable heroines of Beauty and Rogue One are trying out as feminist heroines that can be everything that a man can be.

I think that the SJW turn is a blind alley. The minority supporting characters are racist insults, Uncle Toms, keeping Asians as inscrutable martial-arts experts and other non-whites as repositories of wise tribal tradition. As as for the heroines? Well, in my view you can't get away from the fact that men are fighters and women are lovers. So when you put a heroine up and make her into a fighter you are lying. Women do fight, but they fight in verbal whispering and in their culture of compliant. And a woman's life all comes down to caring.

The problem with the SJW-converged arts is that it completely leaves the ordinary person in the dust. I've spent a week interacting with immigrants that are doing "the jobs that Americans won't do" like looking after little old ladies in retirement communities. They are living in another world from the liberal SJW world. Yet liberals pose as their advocates and representatives.

It won't end well, any more than the liberal love for the white working class ended well. The People of the Subordinate Self need to learn the ways of the middle class, the "program" for succeeding as a responsible adult in the market order. When liberals block the road to the middle class they are committing vile injustice.

I've been reading a book about David Bohm and his "implicate order." It's all good, except that it marginalizes people that want to live according to a "program." David Bohm and his interlocutors don't understandthat before you can spread your wings in creative discovery you must first master the responsible life, and for many people that means a "program" of rules and roles?

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