Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Berkeley Riots: What Comes Next?

When I wake up in the early morning these days, I fear civil war. I wonder if the Democrats that, in 2000 and in 2016, refused to concede the election understand this. I doubt if the Antifa in Berkeley do; they are just repeating their lessons in activism back to their teachers.

And so we come to the Berkeley riots.

You can see where the authorities went wrong in Berkeley. It was the failure to use force against the anti-Milo protesters on February 2. The authorities failed to deny the lefty protesters their heckler's veto.

In other words, it is fine to protest, but not if the protesters prevent a speaker opposed to them from speaking.

Why is this? It is not because drowning out your opponent's speech is unfair. It is because threats of force encourage your opponents to use threats of force to make sure that their guy does get to speak.

Which is exactly what has happened at Berkeley. Young male Trump supporters are flocking to Berkeley for the chance to crack the skulls of the "girls and the beta males."

See liberals? That's why it is the job of the police to stop violence.  Period.

If the police do not stop the violent protests of liberals then what? Do they only apply force to red-neck fascists when they have the effrontery to travel to Berkeley to protest? Do they step back and let the protesters fight it out? Do they close down the event and send the protesters home? Do they interpose their bodies between the two opposing sides?

You can see that the right thing to do would have been for the Berkeley authorities to firmly deal with the violence of the first protests in February, and make sure that Milo Yiannopoulos got to speak and that protesters did not succeed in stopping his speech.

But we are past that happy moment now. Now it will take a more robust application of force to put a stop to what liberals used to call the "escalation." (Yeah. Remember back in the Cold War when liberals were all worried about the dangers of escalation?) And if the Berkeley authorities do not put the foot down when Ann Coulter goes to Berkeley on April 28 then it will be harder the next time.

Putting the foot down, liberals, means preventing protesters from blocking Coulter's access to the speaking venue. It means preventing violence between the two forces of protesters. It means preventing hecklers from interrupting Coulter's speech.

It was always going to come to this. The whole liberal activist culture and its sacraments of "protests" and "marches" are lies. There is no need for protests and marches, not when all adults have the vote and when the ruling class pays especial interest to the grievances of women and minorities. And the liberal activist culture depends on the tacit cooperation of the police in allowing a kind of ritual violence of "protest" by liberals. Don't try liberal tactics if you are a conservative.

And street protest works. Politicians tend to wilt when the professional left puts people in the street with protest signs and protest chants. It plays so well on TV.

Recent commentators put the blame for the present situation on President Obama. It is he that transformed his presidential campaign in to Organizing for Action and has trained 30,000 activists in left-wing protest culture.

So what happens next? Does Berkeley shut down the protests and let free speech reign? Or does the left's protest culture notch another win in its belt?

All I know is that back in the 1970s Americans hated the left-wing protests of the "kids," and they voted for Richard Nixon twice. It was only the cunning of the Watergate scandal that put a temporary stop to the conservative revival and elected Jimmy Carter for a single term before the election of Ronald Reagan.

Will history repeat itself? Will the current left-wing outrages build support for President Trump and the Republican Party? Or has the left learned from the failure of the Sixties and raised up a whole generation of lefties with its hegemony over the schools and the colleges?

Nobody knows. But they say that while history doesn't repeat itself, it certainly rhymes.

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