Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Solve the Pronoun Crisis, Senator

Good old Steve Sailer is having fun with the gender pronoun issue. Remember the Pablo Gomez flap, about the transgender activist that up and stabbed someone? Gomez wanted to be called They, so Sailer had some fun with it.

And of course the kindly folks at GLAAD are right in the middle of it.

Really, you have to give the liberals credit. This business of people demanding that you call them he/she/xir/They, because anti-LGBTQ hate, is a brilliant tactic. It wrong-foots everyone that isn't a right-on "woke" liberal.

But I have a solution.

I propose that we conservatives make the following non-negotiable demand.

We demand that all "woke" Americans use the following pronoun when referring to a conservative: God.

Any liberal that does not refer to a conservative as God, as in "Chris Chantrill was discussing the liberal hate against Charles Murray, and 'God' said that Murray is right. Liberals are protesting Murray because 'God' has spent a lifetime writing books to show how liberal policy and liberal governance hurts the very people it is supposed to help. And liberals don't care."

Yes, this could really put the cat among the pigeons. And anyone that doesn't use the pronoun that the person in question wants is a bigot and a hater. Right liberals?

Now, I reckon that using God as a pronoun will get a bit old after a while. So I think that we should have backup pronouns ready for action.

What would work best to really annoy liberals?

Yes. You got it. We should demand to be called "Barack" or "Hillary" or "Maddow," or any headline liberal. How about "Chuck-you," Rush Limbaugh's friendly nickname for Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who reportedly harassed a Trump voter on Sunday night at a fancy-pants Manhattan restaurant.

Can you spell "hate?"

Mind you, if Chuck-you Schumer is "going off" on innocent Trump voters at swank Manhattan restaurants like Sette Mezzo, even the wife of Joseph A. Califano and the daughter of CBS founder William S. Paley, well, it tells us that the pressure is starting to tell.

But I think that an arriviste like Chuck Schumer is mouthing off on genuine American top-tier grandes dames is a bit much. I think that the girls of Manhattan -- and you know who you are -- should  get together and do a bit of "I can't believe that Chuck said that." It's the line that rules the world.

And do you know what Chuck was pissed off about. It was that Trump was "a liar."

Golly gee-williikins, Chuck. Ain't you ever heard the one about the politician? You can tell he is lying because his lips are moving.

But you, Chuck. You are not a politician. You are a United States Senator. And that is different.

Hey, that's a good idea. How about we conservatives demand that all liberals call us "senator."

Or they are haters.

But what really gets me is the name of the swank restaurant that is good enough for the likes of Chuck. "Sette Mezzo?" Why do all those pretentious restaurants have pretentious names like that?

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