Friday, March 10, 2017

Can Trump Save the White Working Class? Or America?

Who is right? Is it the globalist elite that tells us to abandon the nation state and submit to the fierce tides of the global economy?

Or is it Trump, who promises to invigorate the national economy and national spirit and Make America Great Again?

The short answer is: Neither.

I'd say that the global elite is right that the global economy is going to transform everything, no matter what local populists say. On the other hand I'd say that a global administrative elite is not the model that any wise Latina would choose to govern the world of the future.

I'd say that President Trump is right to propose a regulatory rollback and tax-rate cut. And I dare say he is right to halt the crony capitalist trade deals. But we are never going to get the white working class back to the good old days of graduating high school and getting a job-for-life at the unionized steel plant down the street.

Moreover, while it is true that the globalist vision of global governance by a wise and evolved bureaucratic elite is rubbish, it is also true that today's nation states will one day go the way of the German Empire. And the Soviet Union. And the Ming dynasty.

We all like to rag on the alt-right, but they are right when they say that migration equals invasion.

Who do you think the Lombards were? They didn't always live in Lombardy in northern Italy. They were migrants that invaded across the Alpine passes. Or the Vikings. They were running all over northwest Europe for about 300 years from 800 to 1100. When they had finished Britland had a Viking monarchy by way of Normandy -- because the Normans were Vikings that the Franks allowed to settle in northern France.

Or North America. There was a migration! It utterly wiped out and swept aside the inhabitants of North America and substituted a migrant culture from northwest Europe. Hello USA!

So what about today's migrations out of Africa and the Middle East into Europe, and out of southern and central America into the United States?

Let's look at the record of northwest European migration of the last half millennium.

Where Europeans encountered nomadic or early agricultural cultures they generally wiped them out; and it helped when European diseases wiped out the original inhabitants. When the Europeans encountered Africa, where the diseases killed Europeans, or where the Europeans encountered the great civilizations like India and China, the Europeans dominated for a century or two, but eventually retreated. India is still India today; China is still China.

The histories of India and China are salutary. India has suffered successive invasions from the Asian steppe, yet every time has lived to tell the tale. China has suffered successive times of troubles, including the Yuan dynasty from Mongolia and the Manchu dynasty from Manchuria. But Chineseness has always succeeded in the end.

And even the end of the Roman Empire was not really the end. The Franks and the Germans thought of themselves as inheriting the Roman Empire and carrying it on. That is what curious notions like the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation were all about.

Let us just say this. The rise of migration in recent decades coupled with the aging of the left's welfare state and the decline of metal-bending manufacturing has put everything in flux and created a feeling that things are not copacetic, and that Something Must Be Done.

What is the right response, culturally, economically, and politically?

That's a good question, Senator.

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