Monday, March 13, 2017

Deep State? What Deep State?

My man Kevin D. Williamson had some fun Sunday with the eternal need for culprits and demons. First it was "neocons," he explained -- not to mention Jewish bankers, etc. Now it's the Deep State, the criminal cabal deep in the heart of the intelligence community and the federal government.

But the next day, Monday, he wrote about how almost all corporate execs are patsies for the liberals. Apart from the fact that they all went to the same schools as the liberals, there is the unfortunate fact that, as William H. Whyte wrote about The Organization Man in the 1950s,
the capitalists are not prepared to offer an intellectual defense of capitalism or of classical liberalism. They believe in something else: the managers’ dream of command and control.
So those eevil corporate CEOs, who the left has never ceased anathematizing, are part of the Deep State as well!

The truth is worse than that. First,

Liberals believe in an elected administrative state, with top-down command and control.

Lefties believe in a revolutionary administrative state, with top-down command and control. and finally,

Corporate CEOs believe in a corporate administrative state, with top-down command and control.

So everyone agrees, right?

Well, I don't. I think the top-down argument is bollocks, as the Brits say.

I take my text from people like Deirdre McCloskey, who argues that the unprecedented Great Enrichment of the last 200 years came not from top-down administrative ukase but from innovation from below.

Or from Matt Ridley, whose Evolution of Everything makes the same point, only follows the Eisenhower doctrine of making the problem bigger.

The point that McCloskey and Ridley are making is that nobody can stop the world and make it comfortable for themselves and their progeny forever. The world changes; the rules change; and you'd better be ready to change with it, or you are toast.

In other words, the top-down command and control culture is utter folly. There is no way you can run the world, or the universe, from the top. While you are focusing your executive energy on one problem the world will be coming to an end from the host of problems that you and your crack assistants have neglected.

The rise of Trump is a prime example of the folly of top-down thinking. Here we had coastal liberals living in their coastal bubble and making the rules for the rest of us in our own best interest. Everything was under control with the lightworker President Obama.

Meanwhile the white working class was dying of despair in the coal belt and the Rust Belt. Who knew?

Actually, Obama knew. When he talked about "bitter clingers" back in 2008 he was talking about exactly that, the factory towns where the jobs left 20, 30 years ago and never came back.

But he didn't do anything about it. Because he believed that the answer to America's problems was top-down race politics, top-down healthcare politics, and top-down financial politics. The plight of the white working class came way down the list. And anyway nobody in the liberal activism world cared about the white working class.

Never mind that the despairing white working class is the victim of the previous generation's top-down welfare state class politics which won working-class votes by giving the white working class free stuff, and then cast them off when liberals switched from class politics to race and gender politics.

So yeah. The Deep State notion misses the point. It's not just a few liberal bureaucrats that are the problem. It is just about everybody, because there are very few people in this world who honestly and consistently vote for and believe in the bottom-up notion of evolution and innovation.

The reason is quite simple. Nobody can get their heads around the notion that, sooner or later, their life, their family, their tribe, their civilization, their species, will be over. Surely there must be eternal life to take care of that.

But Steve Bannon believes just that, at least as far as the admininstrative state is concerned.
The reclusive mastermind behind President Trump’s nationalist ideology and combative tactics made his public debut Thursday [at CPAC], delivering a fiery rebuke of the media and declaring that the new administration is in an unending battle for “deconstruction of the administrative state.” 

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