Friday, March 31, 2017

How the Lefties Retell "Beauty and the Beast"

Whenever I visit my grandchildren and get to see the latest Dis-e-ney [sic, as children pronounce it] production I am struck by the way that the fairy tales are warped to conform to leftist politically correct stereotypes.

So I expected more of the same from the latest Diseney Beauty and the Beast. I'd heard about the gay theme, so was ready for that.

But let's compare the movie with the official fairy-tale version from La Wik and Infogalactic.

Traditional: Beauty is the only good daughter of a rich merchant that loses all his money. Her brothers and sisters are selfish spoiled brats and gang up on her.

Diseney: Beauty is the only daughter of an artist that leaves Paris to live in a rural village. The village thinks that he and she are odd, and eventually gang up on them as witches.

Traditional: Beauty is a good virtuous daughter that loves her father.

Diseney: Beauty is a liberated daughter that is oppressed by the narrow-minded village and wants to break out of its stuffy traditionalism.

Traditional: The Beast sends the father home, laden with riches for his family, on the condition that he should return. But Beauty insists on returning in his stead.

Diseney: Beauty rides to Beast's castle looking for her father, and manages to substitute herself.

Traditional: Using a magic mirror, Beauty discovers that Beast is dying of despair without her.

Diseney: Using a magic mirror, Beauty discovers that Beast is being besieged in his castle by the villain Gaston and the villagers while she and her father are imprisoned as witches.

Of course there is the problem of race in our multicultural society. It is dealt with by having lots of non-white people in the cast, but keeping Beauty and Beast as white, northwest European. Also, the music and the songs are good old traditional mid-20th-century golden-age-of-musicals genre. None of your Sondheim or rap for the kids.

Imagine the story retold with Beauty and her father as Bible-believing Christians in a secular US university and reviled for their godly virtues by the Resisters and the special snowflakes. Imagine Beast recast as a secular libertine that slowly comes to virtue under the influence of the Christian love of Beauty. Yeah. Imagine.

I understand Beauty and the Beast as an ancient affirmation of the faith that woman's love can transform the world. And that is how the Diseneyfied movie ends. But a modern "woke" movie cannot say that, because we are to be carefully taught that gender is culturally determined and that women can and are just as adventurous and risk-accepting and action-oriented as men.

I don't know how long this leftist fantasy ideology is going to continue. I recall how they used to be upfront about this with cartoon "fractured fairy tales." Now they just warp the fairy tales without telling us.

On the good side, even the current PCed Diseneyfied Beauty and the Beast cannot really escape from the central message of the fairy tale. There really is nothing in this world to compare with the love of a good woman.

Hey, but all in all, a good movie.

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