Friday, March 3, 2017

But Can This Anti-Trump Gang Shoot Straight?

I imagine that everyone to the right of Patty Murray is outraged by the continuing campaign to delegitimize and destabilize the Trump administration.

And how are they doing this? With accusations of collusion with the Russians, of all people, to swing the 2016 election. This from Democrats that have spent half a century insisting that the worst political crime in America is to accuse elite Americans of collusion with the Russians. That, you will remember, was what the "Red Scare" and the evils of McCarthyism were all about.

Only, of course, back then, in the 1940s, there really were Communists in the State Department and they really were acting in the interests of the Soviet Union and against the interests of the United States.

So now Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from a Justice Department investigation of Russian influence in the election.

But Mark Levin proposes that President Obama has his fingerprints all over this Russia gambit. And now it appears that his aide Valerie Jarrett will live in the former president's new home and help coordinate his activities against Trump.

Help! Murder! Conspiracy! This is a conspiracy to drive Donald Trump out of office!

Yes. So it is, without a doubt. But do you know what I think? I think that this whole anti-Trump conspiracy is a mistake of monumental proportions. And it is typical of the strategic blindness of the world's First Community-Organizer-in-Chief and the rest of the ruling class that presides over these United Administrative States.

The fact is that Barack Obama has mucked up just about everything he touched. Instead of getting the economy going in 2009 after the biggest financial crash since 1929 he went ahead with the accumulated agenda of the Democratic Party: a stupid stimulus -- like that would help -- followed by heaping huge costs on the economy with Obamacare and green energy. Not to mention burying the financial industry in red tape with the Dodd-Frank bill. Then the Obama administration foreign policy has been a disaster, making the Middle East into a bomb crater.

Not to mention that the Russians have twirled the Obamis around like a Russian doll. No wonder the Obama people are angry with the Russians.

But do you think that the tag team of Obama and Jarrett are going to turn the Trump administration upside down? And Nancy Pelosi? And Chuck Schumer? With their track record? With their level of smarts?

I come back, again and again, to Charles Murray and Coming Apart. It's the final version of a story he has been telling for 30 years. In today's America the top 25 percent, the professional class, is doing well, with great careers, merger marriages, and splendid prosperity. The middle half is not doing so good, with stagnant wages and too much divorce. The bottom 30 percent is in trouble: the men don't work much and the women don't marry much. And that is just white people.

The reason we have President Trump is that, for 30 years, our liberal ruling class has been resolutely ignoring this gathering storm, by focusing on identity politics and regulation and green energy.

President Trump won by romancing the white working class, the primary loser from 50 years of race and gender quotas. Now he is busy romancing the blacks, cruelly betrayed by Democratic race politics. Imagine what happens if Trump increases his black vote from 10 percent to 20 percent.

Meanwhile the geniuses in the Democratic Party are shocked, shocked, that Republicans have been talking to Russians. Why, the noive! Didn't we all agree 50 years ago that only Democrats were allowed to do that? Only John Kerry is allowed to talk to the North Vietnamese in Paris. Only Ted Kennedy is allowed to talk to the Soviets about hurting Reagan in the 1984 election. Only Obama is allowed to talk to the Russians about being more flexible after the 2012 elections. Republicans need not apply.

More and more I am coming around to the idea that the Democrats are running out of rope on the identity politics and elite save-the-planet agenda that has obsessed them for the last half century. And the reason is that their politics has done nothing for the ordinary middle-class American.

They are reduced to the status of Scarlett O'Hara. Where will they go? What will they do?

Nothing new here. That is always what happens to ruling classes. They build a world view that turns a mirror on themselves as the noblest, wisest, most evolved people in history. Mirror Mirror on the wall.

All is well until the mirror cracks from side to side.

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  1. Before writing an article about this, I suggest you check your sources. Tabloid claims and far-right news are not credible sources. You should know this.