Thursday, March 9, 2017

Even Good Liberals Miss the Point

A reader alerted me yesterday to a piece by a Good Liberal in The American Scholar. William Deresiewicz, a college teacher, rightly takes apart the whole political correctness movement as a pure power play that wants to silence the opposition. And he also recognizes that elite colleges are seminaries that teach ruling class orthodoxy.

Without mentioning Charles Murray he points out that today's elite colleges are segregating by class, and the few that come from lower classes are pretty quickly taught the liberal ruling-class orthodoxy.

But then he goes off the rails.
There is systemic racism and individual bigotry in the United States, and colleges are not immune from either. There is systemic sexism and sexual assault in society at large, and campuses are no exception. 
So the agenda of the left is based "in legitimate concerns."

But as soon as you say that you are legitimizing the ruling class to "do something" about it. And the only thing the ruling class understands is the clunking fist of government power.

Let's back up and remember how we got here. In the US South, after the Civil War, after the Republican Party retreated from Reconstruction and left the black freedmen to the tender mercies of the Democratic Party street thugs in the Ku Klux Klan the resulting domination over the Negro race was still not enough for the Southrons. And the reason was capitalism. Hey, if Negroes got paid less than the going wage for whites, then why not hire the Negro and make more money!

That was intolerable, and so the South implemented what we now call Jim Crow laws. Those were the laws that forced blacks to sit at the back of the bus. It wasn't the bus company that did it; it was government.

When the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s were being debated the question arose whether the civil rights laws should apply to government only or to the private sector as well. Should the law forbid government to discriminate by race, or should it forbid the private sector to discriminate by race as well. The consensus among ruling-class liberals was that the laws should apply the to private sector: corporations, dontcha know.

But Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), the man who had integrated the Arizona National Guard, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He believed that the law should apply only to government, not to private citizens. And for that he was branded a racist.

We are now seeing that he was right. Today liberals of all stripes are using civil rights law to beat up their political opponents wherever they find them: in government, in non-profits, in the private sector. Elite ruling-class gays are using civil rights law to beat up Christian bakers that don't want to service a gay wedding.

I argue that the liberal approach to civil rights in fact encourages racism and sexism and homophobia. By raising the question of race on everything from professional sports to diversity in tech companies, liberals are forcing Americans to think about race every waking hour. They are forcing race consciousness into every corner of society.

I would call that "systemic racism." And, of course, the whole diversity racket is simply racism by another name.

I think that leftist politics is the most cruel and unjust religious and political movement ever, because it builds roadblocks on the Road to the Middle Class. In that book I argue that people coming to the city need to shuck off their tribal and peasant ways and become responsible individuals in the city.

The Great Enrichment of the last 200 years is the most amazing thing ever for ordinary people. But to get the full benefit, I argued in Road, you need to slough off your old ways and learn the culture of the city.

But the left, ever since its official birth in 1848, has encouraged the workers and peasants, the People of the Subordinate Self, to stay in their tribal enclaves. And modern identity politics has further encouraged the lower classes to identify by race and gender rather than shuck off that skin and become responsible middle-class citizens that obey the law, go to work, and follow the rules.

We know why the left does that. It wants to lead the workers and peasants in the streets; it wants them to switch from being the subordinates of the old land owners to become the subordinates of politicians, crime bosses, community organizers, and race hustlers: the soldiers in their political armies.

And this is cruel, unjust, and vile.

Here's what I want. The government shall write no law respecting a race, a gender, or a class. The rest of us are free to discriminate all we want.

And so we do. If we are tech companies we hire East Asians over hillbilly whites. If we are football teams we hire African Americans over whites and Asians. If we are baseball teams we hire Hispanics from the Caribbean.

As long as the government stays out of it people find their niche and everything works out in the end.

If you want to talk about "systemic racism" then you are talking about liberals sticking their racist noses into everything in America and teaching people to hate each other.

And dear William Deresiewicz doesn't have a clue.

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