Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Liberals Screw the Pooch on Navy SEAL

Back in the Sixties (which actually happened between 1965 and 1975) the left here in America thought that the old verities were demolished. So they sneered at the middle class, humiliated the military, and scorned the police.

Only one problem: the American people were going in a different direction. First they elected Richard Nixon, who every liberal hated because first, he had defeated lefty Jerry Voorhis for a seat in Congress and second, he had defeated pinko Helen Gahagan Douglas for a seat in the US Senate. (I earned all about this from my liberal boss when I first went to work in America in the fall of 1968.) Then the American people elected Richard Nixon again, and then Ronald Reagan twice.

I don’t know if the American people had a clue what Nixon and Reagan proposed economically. But what they did like was that Nixon and Reagan were unashamed American patriots. They honored the Flag; they honored the men and women in uniform, and they honored those who had fallen in the service of defending the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. Full stop, end of story, period.

It took liberals and Democrats about 20 years to realize that they were never going to elect a president again unless they pretended to care for the military and the police and wear US flag pins and make a fuss for the benefit of the widows and the mothers of the fallen. The Democratic Leadership Council was formed in 1985 to shift the Democratic Party away from the leftward turn it took in the 1960s. And it worked. In 1992 America elected Bill Clinton, who rebuked Sister Souljah and went back to Arkansas to witness the death of convicted murderer Ricky Ray Rector.

You can see that this is nothing but common sense. Governments may not be instituted among men for the purpose of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, but they very definitely are there to ,protect the people from enemies foreign and domestic. The people that protect us from foreign enemies are called soldiers; the people that protect us from domestic enemies are called policemen.

But there is a problem. Mothers do not really see why their sons should go for a soldier and get killed in battle or by disease. Every instinct of a mother is to protect and preserve the life of those she loves, whatever the cost. That is why we have notions like Gold Star Mothers and why we make such a fuss about The Fallen, why we have Memorial Day and Decoration Day. Governments need to go to a lot of work to persuade women to sacrifice their loved ones to the national cause. The same goes for policemen slain on the streets of the city. The widows and the mothers must be consoled. Full stop, period, end of story.

But our Democratic friends, starting with the election of George W. Bush, have forgotten this elementary lesson. Again. That is because they don’t believe in nation, don’t believe in marriage, and don’t believe in motherhood. They believe instead in creativity, social, cultural, economic, and political. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of life, the universe, and everything, and one reason why Donald Trump was elected president.

It was Ronald Reagan that started recognizing widows and heroes in the gallery during in State of the Union speeches. Every president since has done the same.

It makes complete sense that President Trump would do the same and recognize the widow of a slain Navy SEAL at his Joint Address to Congress last night. And it is natural that all red-blooded Americans in the House chamber would applaud for two minutes. Number One, the nation’s leaders must always insist that every slain soldier or sailor died a hero and did not die in vain. And Number Two, every red-blooded American knows that liberals hate this sort of unrestrained patriotic display.

The lefties Twitterers that whined and complained about the standing ovation for the slain Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens are fools and knaves. And the Democrats that sat on their hands and refused to applaud President Trump’s applause lines are fools and knaves.

If you are a conservative or a libertarian or an ordinary American, all you can do is shake your head at this folly, this ignorance, this meanness. And then wink to your Trump-voting buddy across the room.

Why is this so? It falls naturally out of my reductive Three Peoples theory. The best thing in the world for People of the Subordinate Self, workers, peasants, and victims, is to learn the ropes of life and of work in the market economy of the city. All the paraphernalia of the welfare state makes that more difficult. The best thing for People of the Responsible Self, the broad middle class, is to go to work, follow the law, and obey the rules, and maybe get a little adventurous, like starting a business. The best thing for the People of the Creative Self, artists and writers and activists, is to practice a little humility and compassion. Very few people have the chops or the courage to sacrifice themselves to a life of creativity where many are called but few are chosen. And those lucky few that are chosen need to have compassion that fail in the battle for creative achievement and for those that just want a quiet life of following the rules.

Our lefty friends make a big deal about bending the arc of history towards justice. But they need to think about how their program is, in fact, the most monstrous injustice, for it views society not as Three Peoples but as two peoples, where We are the community organizers and the communities of victims that we have organized and They are the people opposed to bending the arc of history towards our kind of justice.

In the Sixties it turned out that there was a lot more of They than We, and it took Democrats two decades to wake up to that. If they are not careful, they are going to repeat history.

According to Marx, history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.

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