Friday, December 11, 2015

Yeah. Why Not Make Uber Drivers Join a Union Say Liberal Dinosaurs in Seattle

You really gotta love the special-interest friendliness of the long-distance liberal.

Here we have the Seattle City Council considering an ordinance that "seeks to complel independent contractors (taxi, for-hire drivers, and Lyft and Uber drivers) to collectively bargain through the Teamsters union."

Yeah, I kid you not.

I suspect that the ordinance is just a sop to the labor unions. But, of course there's a problem. Just like with Seattle's recent minimum-wage law, pushed by activist and now council-member Kshama Sawant, the liberals on the council find it difficult to vote against stupidities that supposedly "help" the workers.

We know, because the science is settled on this, that minimum-wage laws kill jobs and especially harm unskilled minority workers. But many people find the temptation to "force" employers to pay higher wages irresistible.

We know, because the decline of private-sector unions is right before our eyes, that introducing labor unions into an industry is like introducing a parasite into a living organism. If you are not careful it will kill the host.

People in politics seem to confirm every day St. Augustine's dictum that the only difference between a government and a criminal gang is the "addition of impunity."

"Hey, pal! You wanna run a business in Seattle? You betta pay $15 an hour, or your kids'll know the reason why."

"Hey, pal! You wanna work in Seattle? You betta join this nice little union here, or you can forget your dreams of earning a little extra money to help pay the bills."

It's comical. The whole political class gets its knickers in a twist over Donald Trump suggesting that we need a moratorium on Muslim immigration, but can chomp down on rotten 72-oz steaks of special interest red meat without even a hint of discomfort.

Yet what can possibly violate "our values" more than the idea that workers must bang their heads on the ground in submission before a government official or a union boss before they can offer their labor to the consumer?

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