Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama Behind the 8-Ball

The obvious explanation of President Obama's Sunday night Oval Office speech is that the president's men realize that they have a problem. Doing nothing about Islamic terrorism isn't going to cut it.

So the solution is for the president to do an Oval Office speech and seem to be "doing something."

But the problem is that liberal identity politics makes them want to analyze the radical Muslim threat as an protest against injustice. So liberals agree with the Iranian idea of the US as the Great Satan. Indeed any group that presents itself as victimized is catsmeat to the liberals. Because that's how they do politics.

That is the essence of left-wing politics: to represent and to lead the wretched of the earth and to fight for their rights.

But the problem is that left-wing politics divides the people of the nation state into tribal enclaves. And when your politics is based on dividing people into enclaves you find it hard to reunite the people out of their enclaves when it is time to fight for the nation.

And that is what Democrats are struggling with. They don't want to unite the nation to fight anything unless it's climate change. But climate change is a global challenge, not a national challenge.

That sort of thing gets them into an impossible situation.

The fact is that a government, any government, exists to protect its people from the rest of the world. It is there to unite the people to fight off the aggression of the rest of the world. In the nation state the government unites the nation against the world.

Because liberals have put the protection of their identity group clients over the protection of the nation, and confine their politics to the uniting of their identity groups. So when a issue arises that requires the uniting of the nation, liberals are nonplussed.

So that's why The New York Times responds to the San Bernardino terror attack by publishing a editorial pushing gun control. Because that's what they know.  They don't seem to think about the fact that gun control is an issue that divides America and is used by liberals to demonize conservatives and marginalize them. The idea of finding common ground with conservatives to unite the nation just doesn't occur to them.

So that's why President Obama does a Sunday night Oval Office speech with blather about "our values" and "giving in to fear." It doesn't occur to him that his job now requires him to formulate a strategy against radical Islam and unite the nation to fight it. Because the last thing the president wants to do is to rekindle the spirit of the American nation.

The last time the Democrats flunked the national test, and didn't unite the nation when it needed uniting, they got stuck with Ronald Reagan and he changed the world.

So there is no telling what will happen this time around. But the good thing is that the next president of the United States is going to have to unite the nation to fight against the latest outbreak of the Great Reaction against freedom and markets and individual responsibility. And the chances are that that president will be a Republican.

Could it be that Republicans will get the credit for winning the war against radical Islam? Dream on, pal.

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