Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Murdoch and Koch Heart America

In these days when our young 'uns, or at least the most privileged ones at the most prestigious universities, are determined to echo the insular views of their jobs-for-life professors, here comes the ogre behind Fox News, the amiable Rupert Murdoch in his own newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. 

Murdoch is getting an award from the Hudson Institute so he has to give a speech. And since he is being introduced by Henry Kissinger, he has a few words for him too. His speech is title "America the Indispensable." As in:

  1. America saved Australia in WWII. "There is no way that Australia alone could have defended itself during the Second World War, heroic as Australian troops were."
  2. "America saved the now prospering South Korea from the barbarity of Kim Il Sung. And that sacrifice and intervention provided the buffer that Japan needed to rise from the postwar ashes to be a great economy and a reliable ally."
  3. America intervened in Vietnam.
  4. "And in the 1980s, thanks to Ronald Reagan, America stood firm against the Soviet Union." That meant one Germany instead of two. "It recast Europe and emancipated millions."
  5. The US facilitated the rise of China. "That emancipation of the most populous nation on earth is a modern miracle", raising the Chinese people from poverty through the action of the market.
  6. Fracking. "Not hundreds of millions, but billions of people will benefit from fracking and the cheaper energy it provides."
It's interesting to read such a simple and straightforward recitation of America's positive role in the world. Because we haven't heard a peep about it in the last Seven Lean Years of Obamadom.

It all comes down to this, as Murdoch says:
Around our country, there is a restless desire for revival. We see it in the primary process, which, apart from an interesting cast of characters, has articulated a deep distaste for the slow descent of our country.
And not just within America, but outside, as the world yearns for American leadership, for
without this country’s self-confident championing of that “human quest for freedom and humane values,” global affairs collapse into nightmare—the policy wasteland becomes fertile territory for terror. 
Good old Rupert Murdoch. Why, he's almost as good an American as Charles Koch, of Koch Brothers fame. Koch has just published a book of his business philosophy, Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World's Most Successful Companies. You'll be amazed to learn that the supposed slash-and-burn monster built Koch Industries from a $10 million business to a $100 billion business on the idea that business is about long-term relationships, and a business should treat customers and suppliers as their friends. I know: nothing new here. "Creating value for others" is the basic proposition of market capitalism. You find out what people want, or might want. You make it and sell it at the price they are willing to pay. Then you make a profit. Here's the interview with Hugh Hewitt.

Like I said. I voted for Obama in 2008 because I felt that America had to give Democrats the reins of power so we could get beyond the "Oh the Horror" culture of the Bush era. I little knew that Obama would teach Americans to elect the most Republican Congress in 85 years.

And now American voters are getting the see the "kids" protestin' again on campus, after a 50 year hiatus. Oh, and everywhere you look is evidence of Democrat corruption on the hoof, from New York's Sheldon Silver to Chicago's Rahm Emanuel.

It really is time for a president that loves America.

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