Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gays Discover They Must Vote Democrat Forever

Here's little factoid. The gay friend of a friend is all upset because Ted Cruz is going to roll back gay marriage.

He is? I guess the gay guy is talking about this, where Cruz says that the Constitution doesn't mention marriage, which would mean that the 10th Amendment applies. (Boos from the audience.)

But it certainly illustrates basic settled political science. Particularly something that even liberals have conceded. You don't get to settle things with a Supreme Court coup de main.

That's what happened with abortion. Despite the fact that the Constitution says nothing about abortion, the ruling class through the United States Supreme Court decided to find in Roe v. Wade a privacy right to abortion. When conservative women woke up on the next day they found that this was an insult to women and to family. And to the sanctity of human life. So ever after we've had a divisive battle on abortion.

So ever after, it has been obvious to people that actually think about things that it's not a good idea to have the Supreme Court decide moral issues. It doesn't settle anything. It just riles up the opposition.

Here in Washington State we once had an Initiative 120 on banning abortion. It lost and abortion was never heard from again in this state. And that's the point. If you want to settle an issue you need a vote of the people. That's why Daniel Patrick Moynihan said that you want to decide big issues like Medicare with a 70-30 vote in the U.S. Senate.

So here we are in the same place on gay marriage. It passed in the Supreme Court but not in the court of public opinion. And now gays are terrified that a Republican president and Congress could turn around and reverse it.

Golly, fellahs. Who could have seen that coming?

See what this means? It means that gays must be mobilized in the National Gay Army forever. It means that gays must vote Democrat, and keep the Democrats pro-gay, forever. It means that gays must name and shame conservative Christians whenever they say a word against gays. It means a gay war on conservatives forever.

All this coalesces on my "little darlings" theory. If you become a little darling of the ruling class you are going to wake up one day to find yourself, like the veteran soldier, sitting by the side of the roadway in enemy country, sick and wounded, no longer any use to the ruling class that has abandoned you to your fate.

For the white working class that day dawned forty years ago when Norman Lear gave us the racist, sexist working class Archie Bunker. But it took the white working class decades to realize what had happened.

For gays, that day is not yet. But it will come. Because politicians don't care about people like you. They only care about your vote.

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