Monday, December 28, 2015

Nobody Likes Ted Cruz. But Why?

Today we had another in the "nobody likes Ted Cruz" meme, this time from the Wall Street Journal news side. Janet Hook writes "Republicans Love Ted Cruz in Iowa, Loathe Him in D.C."

Yeah. We knew that, honey. Oops. I just saw Janet Hook on a video. She looks like a feminist Hillary voter., as you expect from the WSJ news side. And she adds something that wasn't in the article. The GOP establishment doesn't think that Ted Cruz can win the general. And, she says, the GOP in the Senate says that Cruz is all talk and no action.

But my question is still this. Why don't they like him? Janet Hook has all the standard quotes from GOP senators past and present. It's the old "work horse versus show horse" line.

But come on. It seems pretty obvious to me that Ted Cruz has been running for president from Day One. So one obvious strategy is to run against the GOP establishment as a real conservative. This is not that wild and crazy. Do you mean to say, GOP establishment, that you can't deal with such an obvious strategy and turn aside questions about it with a nod and a wink?

So here is a quote from a Frank Bruni piece on Ted Cruz. They didn't like him on the Bush 2000 campaign either.
After Bush took office, other full-time advisers got plum jobs in the White House. Cruz was sent packing to the Siberia of the Federal Trade Commission.

The political strategist Matthew Dowd, who worked for Bush back then, tweeted that “if truth serum was given to the staff of the 2000 Bush campaign,” an enormous percentage of them “would vote for Trump over Cruz.”

Another Bush 2000 alumnus said to me: “Why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It just saves time.”
 Frank Bruni finishes his NYT piece by explaining the antipathy against Cruz like this:
No, it’s the fruit of a combative style and consuming solipsism that would make him an insufferable, unendurable president. 
Gosh. I can't think of anyone on the Democratic side of whom that could be said.

I happen to know a guy that worked for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. He told me that the guy is impossible. Yeah. So he also happens to run the most revolutionary corporation in America, the one that has turned retail (and package delivery and I know not what) upside down. And he's a horse's ass.

I suppose that I would like to hear from Ted Cruz's friends. What do they think of the real Ted Cruz? We don't know. None of them have ever spoken out. Hey maybe Ted Cruz doesn't have any friends. Or maybe the friends know that nothing they say will help counter the liberal narrative.

For instance, if I were the Cruz campaign I'd be planning an effort to get the good side of Ted Cruz out some time in March. By that time voters will have a vague feeling of Ted Cruz as a menacing figure, as taught by the mainstream media. So if the campaign can present Ted Cruz as a soft-spoken, thoughtful candidate that cares about people like me then you would give a jolt to the moderate voter that had only got the liberal line up to that moment.

All I can say is that I am interested in finding out who the real Ted Cruz is.

What do I mean by this? Let's do it by a couple of items about the "real" George W. Bush. First, there was a story I read, after Bush had been elected, that Bush, when speaking at some event, usually veered into the kitchen to shake hands with the help. Second, there was a story just last week about how as president George W. Bush holed up at Camp David starting a couple of days before Christmas, and then left for the ranch on the day after Christmas. The reason? So that as many of the help as possible (including the media) could spend Christmas with their families.

Yeah. One thing I'd like to know about Ted Cruz is how he treats the help.

But I'd also want to know about how he is going to work with Congress, and how he is going to counter the liberal narrative with a conservative narrative, and how he is going to tame the extra-constitutional administrative state. And a few other things.

But most of all I would like to know why they hate him.

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