Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Strategic Folly of the Left's Culture War

Most conservatives fear the culture of war from the left. We think it is a threat to America and everything we love. Here is Dennis Prager warning conservatives that the enemy is the Left.

But I think that the left is making a strategic error. When you mobilize for war you'd better make sure to win the war. That's because any agent that mobilizes for war and starts to attack someone creates opposition. The belligerent agent forces people who might be on the fence or who might be tempted to ignore the situation to decide whose side they are on.

A declaration of cultural war is a declaration to fight until victory. If you oppose or are indifferent to the program of the cultural warriors then you find yourself, almost against your will, obliged to join the opponents of the cultural warriors. So unless you are ruthless enough to press the war without limit, you are making a strategic mistake; your aggression will create its own head of rebellion.

Sun Tzu says that warfare is the art of deception, and the best war is the war won without a fight. The general does not do the obvious thing; the general does the unexpected thing. The general does not attack a prepared position; the general attacks when least expected.

On this view the tactics of the Obama administration and its supporters since 2008 are foolish and counterproductive. President Obama deliberately riles up his opponents; he deliberately humiliates them. His agents in the federal bureaucracy enact policy to deliberately humiliate and alienate people that do not adhere to the liberal line. And both President and administration seem to think that laws are optional for them. If you want to know why the American people are fit to be tied in December 2015, that is your reason. Unless you are a card carrying liberal the present government of the United States is messing with you in a way that you don't accept. You don't like it's hectoring tone; you don't like the way it harasses its political opponents. And you really don't like  the way it ignores settler  and creates law by administrative fiat. Consequently if you are a non political moderate you probably think it is time for a change. If you are a conservative then you probably think it is Time for a Change.

After an election the foolish ruler runs roughshod over the opposition; the wise ruler says we are all Americans now. After an election the foolish ruler passes partisan legislation like Obamacare without a single vote from the opposition; the wise ruler frames legislation with the help of the opposition so he can characterize it as bipartisan, and claim that the legislation represents the national consensus.

Is this real or is it Memorex? We will discover the answer in November 2016. If the election is close or if the Democrats win, then the culture warriors will know that they can continue their culture war to the utmost. If Republicans win in a landslide then the reason will be clear. Do not rile up the opposition if you want to win national elections.

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