Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pretending to Care about Aboriginals

When Europeans came to North America they just rolled over the native American tribes that they found there and obliterated their culture. When Europeans went to India they played divide-and-conquer with the rajahs and the nizams and succeeded for a couple of hundred years in ruling over the Indians. When Europeans went to China they succeeded in forcing the Chinese to lease them treaty ports for a while.

And of course when Europeans went to Australia they rolled over the aboriginal tribes and obliterated their culture.

Now, of course, our liberal elites are horrified by the colonial adventures in India and China and show their compassion by keeping the native Americans in North America and the aboriginals in Australia on life support with welfare and free education. In Australia they also give aboriginals jobs in national parks and at monuments to aboriginal culture.

What should we do about the remnant of the pre-modern cultures that the European explosion obliterated in the last five hundred years? To the ruling class the honoring of aboriginal culture with cultural products that preserve the memory of the aboriginal past and that preserve the living with welfare and education is a great ethical improvement over the old way, which involved taking native American and aboriginal children from their families and stashing them in boarding schools and Christian missions. But really, what is the difference? It is still the ruling class imposing its will on the people its regime conquered a century or two ago.

The truth is that we should do nothing. The rule of the world is that to survive and thrive you must get with the program, whatever it is. The world is full of the ghosts of extinct families, tribes, cultures, nations, empires. Each of them were born, thrived for a while, then declined and disappeared. Our own western culture that was born a while back and is flourishing today will in its time decline and fall. And those of us that mean to survive in the world that is to come will follow the new thing or face obliteration.

Of course, the new masters of the universe may be kind to us, and allow us to molder away in little enclaves so long as we don't interfere with their grand plan. Or they may not.

But for individuals the imperative is obvious. When the world changes you find a way to get with the program, somehow. Because otherwise you and yours will molder away and die.

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