Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Will #BlackLivesMatter Split Blacks in 2016?

I get the Black Lives Matter movement. Back in 2009 African Americans thought they had gone to heaven. Something had happened that they never thought that they would see in their lifetimes. A racist America had elected its First Black President.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. African Americans kids still do badly at lousy urban schools. 70+ percent of black babies are still born out of wedlock. Rampant violence still obtains in African American neighborhoods.

And of course African Americans got hammered worse than most by the housing meltdown because Democratic housing policy decreed that they should get low-down mortgages even though they didn't really qualify for them. So they lost everything when the housing market collapsed (Still, you can imagine the house hunger among African American women must be huge).

And, of course, we have President Obama and the US Justice Department feeding black frustration about urban policing with Alinsky-style community organizer rhetoric.

Wanna know why blacks are so angry about the po-lice? The problem is that blacks don't testify against their local hoodlums because the gangs intimidate them. So the police arrest the hoodlums for minor offences. So the average black is mad that the police don't solve the murders but is angry that the police harass young black men "for driving while black." I've written about this before.

The racist rhetoric from President Obama makes sense, from his point of view. Since he has done nothing for African Americans he has to keep them angried up about racism. Otherwise they ain't gonna come out to vote in 2016.

But maybe Black Lives Matter is not such a good idea.
Two out of three black people prefer the term “all lives matter” to “black lives matter,” according to a Rasmussen poll[.]
This means that Republicans have a chance to split the black vote (which will be demoralized anyway in 2016).

African Americans have voted with remarkable tribal unity since the end of slavery. First they all voted Republican and the Republicans left them to the tender mercies of Jim Crow after the dead-heat 1876 election. So that worked out real well. Then they all voted for FDR and Democrats and the benefit state. And LBJ and the affirmative action state. And Barack Obama and the First Black President state. The result is that Hispanics and Asian immigrants are eating their lunch. So the black love affair with the Democrats has ended up no better than their earlier fling with Republicans.

One fine day African Americans will realize that government benefits are a poisoned chalice. They will realize that politicians and activists don't care about them; they only care about their vote. And on that day, they will finally be free.

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