Monday, September 7, 2015

The Straight Line from The Klan to #BlackLivesMatter

The reason for the rise of Black Lives Matter, the black racist "protest" group, is plain, according to Victor Davis Hanson.
Threats of unrest and collective violence by the urban underclass often come in handy.
In Hanson's interpretation, the Black Lives Matter agitations serve the interest of the "black elites." But I think that he is thinking too narrowly. It's the whole liberal ruling class that likes to have mobilized rent-a-mobs ready to "protest" before the cameras. And the purpose of it all is intimidation.

That's why I link the Ku Klux Klan to Black Lives Matter.

The purpose of the Klan as it developed in the decade after the Civil War was intimidation. By killing a few blacks and scalawags the Klan succeeded in intimidating millions of blacks and Republican whites in the South. And it succeeded in erasing the political power of the victorious North and the policy of Reconstruction. Notice that it did not challenge the power of the federal government directly, as the South had done in the Civil War. No, the idea was just to intimidate the North's supporters in the South.

Notice that it does not matter if the Klan was a part of the Democratic Party in the South or not. It served the purpose of the white Southerners in making it very costly and dangerous for blacks and scalawags to do politics and even business in the post-war South. The key to understanding the whole thing is that the Klan succeeded because the white power structure winked at the crimes of the Klansmen.

The next stop, obviously, in the Nazis in Germany. But before them was the guerrilla war against British rule conducted by the Boers in South Africa at the turn of the 20th century. The Brits won that one. That is to say, they declared victory and then went home and left South Africa to the Boers.

In Weimar Germany both the Nazis and the Commies operated formal armies of street thugs. And the purpose was intimidation, to make Germany ungovernable. Hey, it worked! And the Nazi street gangs couldn't have succeeded in their extralegal violence without the passive acquiescence of the powers-that-be.

Let's talk about labor unions. The whole point is to be able to intimidate workers and employers -- with a nod and a wink from the liberal ruling class. The problem with unions, though, is that they are parasites that kill their hosts. And these days private-sector workers just aren't interested in unions.

Then we get to the Sixties and the anti-war movement. Liberal Parents, Radical Children wrote Midge Decter. The mainstream media wrote about the heroic kids rebelling against the hypocrisy of their conformist Fifties parents. But in fact the liberal parents shielded their children from the strong arm of the law. Barack Obama's mentor Bill Ayers was the son of an executive at Commonwealth Edison. And his terrorist activities didn't disqualify him from a career in the academy. The purpose of the anti-war movement and the New Left was intimidation. And it worked.

Now you know why lefty groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are paranoid about right-wing extremism. They think that the right wing is just like they are, and eager to use political intimidation to advance its agenda.

But the right isn't really interested in political intimidation. The right is overwhelmingly middle-class and just wants the government to do its job protecting the nation from enemies foreign and domestic.

The Tea Party proves the point. The left immediately assumed that the Tea Party was a radical group of extremists and mobilized (hey Lois Lerner!) to keep them down on the farm. In fact the Tea Party quickly became a part of the Republican Party and organized to promote Tea Party candidates for political office. How boring.

But Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are simple intimidation groups informally condoned by the liberal ruling class. Else how come that Occupy Wall Street was allowed to occupy a city park in New York City for weeks in violation of all the sacred health regulations? Good luck to the Tea Party trying that.

Black Lives Matter got almost direct encouragement from President Obama and black protesters were allowed to riot with a nod and a wink from city authorities. And Black Lives Matter is trying directly to intimidate police into easing up on the policing of black urban neighborhoods in informal cooperation with liberal office-holders like NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

And then we have the Social Justice Warriors. Their whole shtick is to intimidate ordinary middle class Americans into silence and political and cultural serfdom.

The Question is: Will It Work? Will the liberal ruling-class wink for Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter work as the Klan and the Nazi Sturmabteilung and the anti-war movement did back in the day?

Nobody can tell for sure. But the collapse of Democratic Party electoral power since the accession of President Obama is surely telling us something. I would say that the Democratic electoral collapse is directly connected to the fact that the US is overwhelmingly a middle-class nation and it doesn't like street thugs of any description.

Oh, and let me tell you. Middle-class women really hate street thuggery.

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