Friday, September 25, 2015

Are Republicans "Needlessly Alienating Large Chunks of the Electorate?"

Here comes Charles Krauthammer rounding up the usual suspects. Ben Carson is needlessly insulting Muslims and Donald Trump is needlessly insulting Mexican Americans.


And what about Hillary Clinton who is determined to run on the "rape culture" platform. Is not the rape culture campaign needlessly alienating large chunks of the electorate, namely men?

So let's get real, chaps.

First of all there is Chantrill's Second Law: Politics is Division.

Alienating chunks of people is what politicians do. They do it in order to rally the folks on their own side. The idea is not, of course, to alienate, so much as to divide the electorate down the middle with 51 percent or more voting for your side. The time-honored strategy is to call out some minority, within the borders or without, and suggest that they are a threat to the nation.

Ideally, of course, your enemy should be what H.L. Mencken called a "hobgoblin" that doesn't get to vote. Liberals are the experts in this, with their hate campaigns against "greedy bankers" and job-killing CEOs. How many people are turned off by that? Just a few libertarians like me.

But, of course, liberals don't stop at alienating bankers and CEOs. They are positively ferocious about alienating racists, which could include all white people. They are ruthless about hunting down sexists, which could expand to the set of all males. They are fanatic about stamping out homophobia, which could include all heterosexuals.

Talk about large chunks of the electorate!

David Brooks is harping on a similar theme.

Let's step back a bit. This whole frou-frah goes back to what we will stipulate was a good liberal sentiment of the 1960s and the civil rights movement. The idea was to stop the automatic racism and marginalization of black people. Let us give liberals a gold star for that.

But there is a dark side to this. Conservatives have recently got all hot and bothered about it. It is the conscious leftist strategy, invented by the Frankfurt School, to rile up and separate minority groups from the general population and stigmatize anyone that says a discouraging word against these clients of the liberals. We have seen this political strategy expressed as the future of the Democratic Party in the iconic The Emerging Democratic Majority by Judis and Teixeira in which the future in America belongs to a coalition of minorities, women, the educated and the young.

Hello Krauthammer and Brooks. Do you not see that this Frankfurt School strategy and its culture of political correctness amounts to nothing less than "needlessly alienating large chunks of the electorate," specifically the great honest mass of people that think of themselves as "typical Americans" in the service of a cynical political strategy that aims to fundamentally transform America from a middle-class society of live and let live into a politically mobilized activist state of warring identity groups led by liberals.

Over the last 20 years liberals have successfully divided America by cowing large chunks of Americans into submission through their culture of political correctness that they learned from Frankfurt Schoolman Herbert Marcuse. Their politics was cynically divisive but it worked because the people that they "needlessly alienated" were at the same time cowed into submission.

But suppose these large chunks of alienated people started fighting back? What would it look like? 

I suggest it would look like USA 2015.

Let us give liberals their due, on minority rights and immigration.

It's a good thing to restrain the natural instinct of the majority to marginalize the minority.  But when you amp this up to intimidating the majority and using minorities as cat's paws to humiliate the majority then you are sowing the wind and about to reap the whirlwind.

It is a good thing to leaven the national dough with immigration, but the ruling class first of all owes the native population a chance at a decent life and upward mobility before it lets one immigrant (like me) in the door. Immigration increases the labor supply and that drives down wages. Period. And it impacts the low-skilled native population most keenly. Anyone that argues against this is denying settled science. To coin a phrase.

At some point the voters are going to push back against a ruling class that favors the minority over the majority and refuses to defend the border against illegal immigrants.

Now I think that President Obama has been the trigger that has fired off the push-back. To understand why you could start with this piece about "Bully's Pulpit" by Jay D. Homnick. Jay talks about how Obama bullies his opponents and disrespects them. Talk about alienating large chunks of Americans.

I have written several times that it is one thing to demonstrate and protest and fling insulting words around when you and your party are the Out party. It is quite another thing when you do this as president of the In party.

Liberals have been playing this game of cultural bullying for so long that it just seems to them the natural order of things. They are right and the racists, sexists, homophobes are wrong. It is their historic destiny to curb and correct the atavisms of the American people. They have made the "protest" into a holy religious ceremony and the "activist" into an eternal hero fighting for the powerless against the powerful.

You see, it is one thing to protest if you are truly the helpless and the powerless. But it is rather a different matter, as in Ferguson, Missouri, when the protesters are celebrated by the President of the United States and the ruling class.

Hey liberals! Whose job is it to curb the atavisms of liberals?

I think this liberal culture of bullying is in the early stages of experiencing its moment of truth. It has worked thus far because its targets have been the middle class. Now the middle class, cultural product of the great global exchange economy, are what I call the People of the Responsible Self. They live by working and relating responsibly in the global exchange economy where the watchword is Trust. You trust anyone and everyone unless they demonstrate untrustworthiness. So when liberals descend on the great American middle class and accuse it of racism, sexism, and homophobia, the average middle-class person assumes liberal good faith and looks at himself and sees he is not perfect. That is the culture of the exchange economy's trust culture.

But what happens when the liberals have demonstrated their bad faith, when they have shown that the idea of their politics is merely to cow the great American middle class into submission for the greater glory of liberal politics? What happens when they put up a candidate for president that's the worst liar in US history? That is the question we are now facing. We will have the answer in November 2016.

Because the truth, contra Charles Krauthammer, is that Muslims are a problem for the peaceful development of the global exchange economy. The truth, contra the Beltway ruling class, is that immigration on the scale of the last 50 years is a problem for the harmonious development of the American nation.

And if we don't face facts now we will have to face facts later.

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