Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Republicans Have Never Reached Out

Last Monday I was listening to Michael Medved doing the liberals' work for them by castigating Ben Carson on the Muslim issue. Michael ended his radio show segment by asking how the Republicans possibly can expect to thrive if they don't reach out beyond the Republican base.

Er, what planet are you broadcasting from, Michael? The Republicans have never reached out. at least not in my lifetime. They don't know how, because they are just a teeny bit embarrassed about handing out free stuff.

And yet Republicans have still managed to elect their share of Republican presidents and now control Congress. What gives?
It is simple. Republicans are nothing more than Americans that have been chucked out of the Democratic Party. Starting with Ronald Reagan, who famously said: "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left me."

That's how it works for everyone else. Remember the Reagan Democrats of 1980? They also felt that the party had left them. Then it was Conservative Christians that found the Democratic Party didn't want them. Then it was white men.

Oh, and don't forget the whole South. Democrats have been telling themselves ever since I came to political consciousness that they lost the South because of Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy. Could be. But the reality is that Democrats have been dissing the South for decades and the South has got the message. Just in case the South didn't get the message the Democrats just reminded them how they don't belong in today's inclusive Democratic Party with an unmistakable message in the Confederate battle flag flap.

Now it's the turn of the Trumpers, who sound to me like the much maligned white working class when they call Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Remember when the Democrats just loooved the white working stiff? That's ancient history now.

And what about chaps like you, Michael, America's corps of smart Jewish kids? The Republicans have never known what to do about the Jews, not since the days of the Jewish quota at Harvard, but they didn't have to. First of all liberal Jewish intellectuals like Irving Kristol got mugged by reality in the 1960s back in New York, and now Jewish Americans know that the Democratic Party is the party of Muslims and Palestinians and is developing a reputation for anti-semitism. So Jews are moving silently into the Republican column. Not because they left the Democratic Party but because the Democratic Party left them.

I wonder who will be next? Obviously married people with children would be crazy to vote Democrat. And in fact any unsuspecting "cis-gendered" American today would be unwelcome in the ranks of the inclusive. After all, any uncloseted cis-gendered American is committing a microaggression by just existing.

Then there are college men. Why would any man in college have anything to do with the Democratic Party? After all, the Democrats want to criminalize good healthy young male behavior, by making any sexual assault accusation into an immediate ticket to oblivion, without benefit of the court system and its protections for the accused.

Then there is the Uber generation. Anyone that works in the gig economy is bound to get the message sooner or later: Democrats are not your friends; they are instead the pals of established interests that want to roll over you and continue to enjoy the customary rents they enjoy as a reward for their votes and their contributions.

That's not to mention ordinary wage workers. One fine day the workers are going to wake up and wonder what they are getting in return for the swingeing payroll taxes they and their employers pay for the possibility, one day, that they will get a pension and a bit of death-panel-administered health care. They might think that the Democratic Party and its politics of tax-and-spend is a direct attack on people like them. They might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment.

But never mind about the nobodies that nobody who is anybody cares about. How about east Asians? They are already being Asian-quota-ed at the nation's select universities, and they have pushed back against the Asian quota at the University of California and at Harvard. How long can it be before the signal goes out to the Democratic operatives with bylines that Asians are really as racist and exclusionary as cis-gendered whites? How long till Asians find out that they didn't leave the Democratic Party, the party left them?

What about Hispanics? The information I've read is that Hispanics are Democratic when they first arrive and want to bring the rest of the family to the US. But when the family is all here and they start to thrive -- well then they start to vote Republican.

And hey, what about the most Democratic of all Democrats: African Americans? Surely African Americans must be fit to be tied by the disappointments of the Obama administration. In fact they would have a good argument to say that they were the hardest hit by "fundamental transformation." And pretty soon they won't have to support America's First Black President as a part of their racial identity.

Maybe the only people left in the Democratic Party after a suitable period of adjustment will be the liberal poster-children that we have learned to know and love in recent years: Julia the Government Girl, Pajama Boy, Mattress Girl, and now the Muslim Clock Boy, all celebrated by non-cis-gendered people, credentialed social justice warriors, and those darlings of the Democratic Party, the Global Association of Green Energy Crony Capitalists, Tom Steyer, proprietor.

So come on Michael. Get a clue. We Republicans don't have to do anything to win elections, even if we knew how. All we have to do is sit here on the sidewalk with a nice cup of Starbucks Blond and wait for the migrants and the refugees pouring over the border from their forty years in the wilderness of the Democratic Party into the Promised Land of the People of the Responsible Self.

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