Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hello Progressive "Ancien Regime"

It's always a puzzle, innit. A great civilization, or a Roman empire, or a great Chinese dynasty suddenly crumbles into dust. Who could have seen it coming? As Glenn Reynolds like to say.

Well, we are now living through such a time. "Unexpected" disasters keep crashing in on the western cultural and political elite. Like the current immigration crisis in Europe.

Some people are recalling the Roman emperor Valens, the guy who let the Goths in. Well, the Empire needed the revenue. The rest is history.

Sound familiar? The Germans are letting in the immigrants because they have a fertility rate of about 1.3 to 1.4 children per woman per lifetime. A rate of 2.1 is generally considered necessary to keep the population stable. Obviously when you have a fertility rate of 1.4 and significant immigration you are not going to be Deutschland for much longer. But the Germans have a labor shortage and they need the workers. It is, of course, profoundly symbolic that the German Chancellor right now is a childless woman.

Back in the day the Soviets used to like to predict the collapse of the West as a result of its "internal contradictions." They had a point, especially with respect to their own socialist contradictions, and so Communism collapsed before western Social Democracy.

But western democracy is also certainly built on a profound contradiction. On the one hand the progressive ruling class maintains its political power by encouraging peasant subordinate culture in its people. Western people in western nations have "rights," to pensions and health care and education and welfare, which were invented by leftist intellectuals, and can only be satisfied by politicians with access to big money. You can see that this politics encourages a mean and narrow dog-in-the-manger culture among the sheeple; you deserve your benefits, but not other people. But at the same time as they bribe their voters with free stuff, western politicians also affect a concern for all the less fortunate in the world, and they encourage immigration from poor countries. Anyone that opposed immigration is a bigot and a racist, even though the people most affected by immigration are the low-skilled and the low-paid, the natural constituency of the progressive ruling class.

And that is to say nothing about green energy subsidies and regulation. Its costs necessarily fall most severely upon the low-paid, and its benefits are enjoyed by grant-sucking scientists and subsidy-sucking crony capitalists. Not to mention gentry liberals with their Priuses.

But, as the Marxists say, eventually things fall apart because of their inherent internal contradictions, and we now experiencing that, in Europe as millions swarm the borders, and here in the US as anti-immigration politics suddenly explodes into a blaze with the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

Who could have seen it coming? Anyone with half a brain.

But the ruling class of the ancien rĂ©gime is always the last to know. Because, as we have seen from Hillary Clinton's emails, ruling-class princes and princesses are surrounded by sycophantic courtiers that bury them in flattery.

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