Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Kidney Stone for Breakfast

This morning, out of a clear blue sky, I got a sudden pain in my lower-left abdomen just before breakfast. Pretty soon I was sweating, breathing rapidly, and finding it painful to walk. After a while, prompted by the Lady Marjorie, I called Group Health and they told me to call 911.

Pretty soon four burly firemen turned up and took my vital signs. The general consensus was to head to the nearest hospital, and so, once the fire truck had cleared the driveway, we headed off to Swedish in Ballard. Thanks fellas!

After the usual admissions frou-frou -- and the first thing they do is hook up an IV -- Dr. Burdick showed up and allowed as how he thought it was urolithiasis. That's a kidney stone to you. And the MRI confirmed a 2mm kidney stone that has just "turned the corner." All the folks at Swedish were pleasant and competent. All except that Burdick guy, who said I'd have to break his arm if I thought I was going to get out of hospital without submitting a urine sample.

OK, so that's all right.

They keep asking you to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. I said 6-7 but pretty soon it was down to 3. Now it's just a ache in the lower abdomen. How do you rate that? Then, after thanking everyone, it was off to Group Health pharmacy to sit around for an hour to fill four prescriptions for pain, real pain, nausea, and a drug to "open up" the ureter.

Of course everyone at the hospital from the doc to the MRI tech said they had already had a kidney stone, so I guess that, as usual, I am the last to know.

Knowing what I know now, I would have said that I would have just sat there and waited for the stone to pass. But you never know. It could have be something else, as in life-threatening! And Lady Marjorie would have none of such foolishness.

Anyway, tomorrow it's back to the crimes and misdemeanors of our abysmal ruling class. But right now I have to go downstairs and do my DuoLingo.

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